Prosecutors: Protecting Their Own
The Joe Stacks Problem

The Joe Stacks Sentiment

I've been warning people for the past several months that America is desperate.  The problem is that most of you are high earners.  The "struggles" most of us have is earning low-six figures instead of mid- to high-six figures.  We stare at our fattened navels, unaware that many Americans have nothing sticking to their ribs.

Five years ago Joe Stacks would have been universally decried as a lunatic.  No one but a fringe segment of society would have supported his act of terrorism.  Times have changed.

If you want to put your finger on the pulse of America, read these comments at a business website, The Business Insider.  The Business Insider is not some nut-job conspiracy-theory blog.  It's well-written and thoughtful - as are its readers.  

People are defending Stacks.  They are claiming that his manifesto (which is posted at The Business Insider) is not insane.  Many agree with Mr. Stacks' manifesto; and many support his act of terrorism.

The United States has changed.  Most of you don't think so, but you are rich.  Start talking to people outside of your social class.

Don't talk to other people in Volvos, Audis, or Mercedes Benzs about the economic crisis.  Talk to people who don't have cars.  Talk to people who showed up to work each day for decades, only to lose everything.  Ask them about the bailouts.

America is a powder keg that is about to erupt.  People with no money and no job who want to work, can't find work.  Meanwhile, they see headlines exposing Wall Street's distribution of trillions of taxpayer dollars. 

If you care about this country, it's time to take legal action against Democrats and Republicans alike.  We need a legal revolution.

Vote every person who supported the bailouts out of office.  John McCain must go.  Put aside your party loyalties.  Vote not for a political party; vote for America.  It's time to change American through civil processes.  

If we don't change America legally, expect many more Joe Stackses to seek change violently.  The only reason there is only one Joe Stacks is because people still have too much to lose.  People still have unemployment benefits, and do not feel totally hopeless.  How will those people feel two years from now - still jobless?

If we don't take back American from Wall Street, the desperation will increase.  Someone will light a match.  The powder keg will erupt.

Take action now.  Vote out everyone who puts Wall Street's interest ahead of ordinary Americans'.  It is truly the only hope we have for saving America - from the likes of Joe Stacks and Lloyd Blankfein.

Find out if your Congressman or Congresswoman voted for the bailouts.  If she did, vote her out of office.  Put aside your partisanship for America's future.  Otherwise, you are personally responsible for Joe Stacks.