Criminals Love Gun Control
Your Irrelevance is Not My Arrogance

The Profitability of Tapping Into a Client's Narcissism

Sorry, but rarely do "normal" people end up in the court system.  Normal people ignore the slights of existence; or at least they don't think bearing the hassle and expense of litigation is congruent with the slight.  Being only slightly abnormal, I have of course drafted Complaints over various slights.  I've never filed a lawsuit, though.  It's just not that big of a deal.  

By filing a lawsuit, you're proclaiming that you have rights, and those rights are important.  You have Big Rights.  Who thinks they are important enough to file a lawsuit?  

Most civil defendants have done something shady - even if not technically illegal or world-ending.  What pathology causes a person to harass others? 

In the criminal context, it's rare that Bambi finds herself in front of the hunter's scope.  The Duke Lacrosse players were legally innocent, but morally were not exactly innocent bystanders.  Our criminal system is not fair; but, again, let's not pretend that most people who get arrested were not doing something anti-social.  It's fun to think that the cops wear the black hats and the lawyers wear the white hats.  In reality, everyone's hats are grey and blood-stained. 

Most people in the system have issues.  

Most clients want to feel the love.  They want validated.  They expect you to answer their calls to discuss the same issues over and over again.  They expect you to file every motion their reading of USA Today has told them is relevant.

Most lawyers resent this.  "Didn't we discuss this already?"  "That motion won't work."  "No, I'm not going to tell the judge he's biased.  I have a reputation to uphold."  "How dare these clients tell me how to do my job?!"

Yet tapping into a client's need for constant validation is profitable.  Why do you think family lawyers make so much money?  

When reviewing billings files in a divorce case, I couldn't believe what the lawyers fought over.  "You spent three years in law school to litigate a lamp shade?"  It seemed like living in an intellectual slum.  Any idiot can be disagreeable and petty.

Then I saw the amount of the bills, and wondered who the real idiot was.

There is profit in validation.