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Why America's Immigration System is a Joke

There are eleven million illegal immigrant in the United States, costing the country billions.  While allowing in an entire class of people who drain the economy of tax dollars, the United States immigration system rejects these types of legal immigrants: 

On December 31, 2003, Poghos Kazarian, a thirty-fouryear-old native and citizen of Armenia, filed an application for an employment-based immigrant visa for “aliens of extraordinary ability” (Form I-140) contending that he was an alien with extraordinary ability as a theoretical physicist.

Kazarian received a Ph.D in Theoretical Physics from Yerevan State University (“YSU”) in Yerevan, Armenia, in 1997. From 1997 to 2000, he remained at YSU as a Research Associate, where, among other things, he “reviewe[d] [the] diploma works of the Department’s graduates.”

At YSU, Kazarian specialized in non-Einsteinian theories of gravitation. According to a colleague, “[t]his work offered a mechanism for the control of solutions’ accuracy, which guarantees the accuracy of calculations in many theories of gravitation.” Kazarian “solve[d] [the] more than 20 year[ ] old problem of construction of the theory, satisfying the cosmogony conception of worldwide acknowledged scientist, academician V.A. Hambartsumian.”

In support of his application, Kazarian submitted several letters of reference. The first reference was a letter from Dr. Kip S. Thorne, the Feynman Professor of Theoretical Physics at California’s Institute of Technology. Dr. Thorne, who worked in the same research group as Kazarian, stated that he had “formed a good opinion of Dr. Kazarian’s research. It is of the caliber that one would expect from a young professor at a strong research-oriented university in the United States.” Kazarian also provided letters from professors at YSU, stating that Kazarian “possesse[d] great ability and considerable potency in science,” was “a young scientist with enough scientific potential,” had “high professionalism,” and had “displayed himself as exceptionally diligent, hard-working, [and] highly qualified.” Finally, Kazarian submitted three letters from colleagues at GCC praising his hard work and active participation at GCC.

There is much more.  Read more about this unextraordinary man here.