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Pathological Narcissism

Narcissism gets thrown around a lot - as it should, because it's everywhere.  Yet most narcissism is not pathological.  Self-love and feelings of entitlement are weaknesses, but one can be overcome them.  Your boss yells at you; you go cry; then you start to learn that there are lines that other people set; you put your toes up to them; and suddenly you start getting what you want out of life.

Truly interesting narcissists are pathological.  Most people never get the pleasure of being with them.  Or if you do, it's because they are clients...And you really can't go telling the fantastic stories you learn about clients.

 Pathological narcissists are fascinating.  You could give them a Rulebook of Life, and they'd fail.  They simply cannot help themselves.  They are so enamored with themselves - so convinced that everyone else is a fool who simply cannot recognize their brilliant - that they always fail.  They fail in fantastic ways.  They are marvelous!  

Here is an example of a truly pathological personality.  It's worth reading Scott's posts as well as the links.  It might take you 45 minutes.  It will bring you great joy.