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Sex Hysteria is Killing Mentorship

I would never coach youth basketball.  When a kid stops to pet my dog, Amicus, I cringe and step away.  I simply want nothing to do with children.  While I'd make a great mentor and would otherwise enjoy volunteering, I never will.  Here's reason number #1,045 why

 The evidence against a Port Authority bus driver accused of fondling a boy while on his route was so scant that an Allegheny County judge on Tuesday not only cleared the man of all charges, he also criticized the district attorney's office for bringing the case in the first place.

So what led to criminal charges being filed against an innocent bus driver?  The man let his son play in his bus:

Instead, Mr. Leffler had taken his son on his route with him that afternoon. The video showed the boy standing in the passenger compartment of the bus next to his dad -- hanging off the bar that separates the driver, playing and acting like he was on monkey bars.

What did a society of sex-obsessed perverts see?

In a criminal complaint, police said that surveillance video from the bus showed sexual activity -- including Mr. Leffler pushing the boy's head toward his lap several times, patting his buttocks, and reaching inside the back of the boy's pants.

I do not consider pedophilia a disease to be treated, and believe a person convicted of child rape should be executed.  A wolf acts with no malice when it rips a child's face off, but acts only to its nature.  That does not mean the wolf should not be segregated from society or put down.  The same applies to pedophiles.  It doesn't matter why you rape a child: That you did rape a child earns you death, or life in a leper's colony. 

Yet we live in a society where perverts outnumber the pedophiles.  The perverts project their own fears and desires onto reality.  A father cannot even bring his own son to work without having a pervert view it as dirty or creepy.

We live in a society where 26% of children are born to single mothers.  The statistics are pretty clear: Children from single family homes are more likely to go to prison.  Children need role models.

In a society of sexual hysteria, a man who volunteers his time helping to make society better is inviting himself into a prison cell.  Sex hysteria is keeping good men home, and in another generation, we're going to see the consequences.