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Discrimination Against Men Leads to Child's Death

How many more children must die before judges will start treating men equally under the law? 

(CNN) -- When 4-year-old Ethan Stacy was reluctantly sent off to spend the summer with his mother late last month, he was in effect being given a death sentence.

The child never had a chance. He was dead within two weeks of arriving at the apartment in Layton, Utah, where his mother lived with her fiancé.

Everyone acts as if the young boy's death is a mystery:

What could have been done to save him?"

I don't have a good answer for you," Layton police Lt. Garret Atkin, one of many law enforcement officers in Davis County, Utah, who are grieving for the boy who lived among them so briefly, told me.

I have a good answer: Treat father's equally.  In family court, custody presumptively goes to the mother.  Unless you can show that a mother is using heroine in front of the child, she gets custody.

What happens next may as well be scripted - if you know the back story.

Women generally lose interest in their beta-male husbands.  Betas are boring.  They don't bring drama.  Thus, women remove children from the safety of a beta male's home, and bring them into the arms of a sociopath.  Any man who has been divorced at one time confusedly asked his god: "She left me for that guy?"  Yes.  Everything you have been told about family is a lie.

Sociopaths are exciting - certainly much more exciting that the sucker who come homes exhausted after working to provide for his wife and children.  Women who leave their beta male husbands almost always flee into the arms of an asshole.  A jump from a tall building is exciting: It's hitting the ground that is a bummer.

The father tried to save his son from the fall:

His estranged wife was "unstable," he wrote to the court: "The mother has abandoned the child and I'm afraid the mother will come and take him and I'll never see him again."

Because the cries came from a man, the family court judge didn't even read the court filings:

But the judge in the divorce case, Maura T. Smith, told The Associated Press that she never read the filing. Judge Smith said that Ethan's parents had worked out a settlement, including shared custody, and that the finalization of their divorce last month was "cut and dried."

Judge Smith should be impeached for discrimination against men.  It won't happen.  Indeed, the law encourages discrimination against fathers.  

True story: A father who had weekend custody of his children went to drop the children off with their mother.  The mother and her boyfriend were piss-drunk in the living room.  On a Sunday night.

The father took the children back to his home; allowed them to spend the night with him; and delivered the children to their mother at 9 a.m. on Monday.

For this, the father was charged with interference with parental rights.  He was tried in criminal court.  Although acquitted, he had to endure the stress of a legal battle, and $10,000 in legal fees.

Until men receive equal protection under the law, women will continue murdering their children.  The question you must ask yourselves: How did your hearts become so full of hatred for men, that you'd allow children to be murdered by unfit mothers?

No one - certainly not me - is demanding that fathers are presumptively better parents than mothers.  All we demand is that men receive equal protection under the law.  When women are receiving custody in 90-95% of cases, no one can rationally claim that men are receiving equal treatment.

Until men receive equal treatment under the law, no man should have children.  They can be taken from you at the whim of a family court judge.  Your wife can take the children into a drug house, where your children will be molested, and beaten to death.  When you beg a family court judge to help, you will be mocked.  When you try saving your own children, you will be arrested.

In today's world, any man who has children is gambling not just with his own freedom - but with the life of an innocent child.  Is the gamble worth it?  If it's worth if for you, is it also worth it for your children?