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Motivation and Men's Rights

I started blogging in 2004, and in six years have never had my motivations for writing questioned.  Writing about the oppression of blacks doesn't cause people to assume I'm black.  Writing about wrongful convictions doesn't lead people to believe that I've been wrongfully convinced.  Writing about sexual slavery doesn't make people think I am or know a sex slave.

Blog about men's rights, though, and watch the accusations fly.  I must blog about men's rights because I hate women.  Or I'm a loser.  Or I've been unsuccessful with women.  Surely I could not blog about men's rights because:

  • Men are victimized in domestic violence as often as women are;
  • Men are forced to pay child support, even when they are the not the biological father;
  • Men receive custody of their children in fewer than 10% of cases;
  • Men who pay child support are not allowed to demand an accounting of the child-support money, and thus must grit their teeth when a woman uses child-support payments for her new Range Rover;
  • Women who falsely accuse men of rape or child abuse are almost never prosecuted for their false accusations.

No.  All of those facts must be ignored.  Surely I can't care about the bad stuff that has happened to other men. I simply hate women.  I'm a misogynist.  I've failed at life.

The sheer hatred I've received through blogging about men's rights issues is inspiring.  Surely I am onto something, and thus encourage more hateful e-mails about my "motivations."

Now, some background: Like many C&F readers, I always rolled my eyes at the men's rights movements.  Most of the guys I viewed as beneath me.  They were dorky; socially awkward; not fashionable, nor fit.  "Of course your women left you," I thought to myself and often said to them, "You're not masculine."  

I've often told men who complain about relationship problems, "Go to the gym; take steroids; stop dressing like a moe." 

Until a few months ago, I had never looked into the men's rights movement.  Other priories, and all of that.

Once someone starts looking into the men's rights movement, some shocking facts come to light.  Many of those facts are listed above, but there are many more.  

A man can be a devoted husband for decades.  In a no-fault divorce state, his wife can leave him on a whim.  She can shack up with another man - all the while collecting alimony and child support. 

If the man loses his job, he will be be arrested and jailed for failure to pay child support and alimony.  Debtors prisons do exist.  We just call people who lose their jobs deadbeat dads instead of down-on-their-luck debtors.

Do you want to defend the current state of affairs?  If so, bring on your best arguments.  If the best you have is, "Misogyny!" save it for someone who gets intimidated by false accusations.