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On Wall Street and the Coming Economic Collapse: It's Not Your Fault (But It Will Be)

Although American society preaches that one should never take personal responsibility for his actions, usually the bad things that happen in your life are your fault.  If you sat down and examined the shackles around your ankle, you'd see that you welded the first link.  You didn't have any comprehension how heavy the chains would finally be.  You didn't realize so many others would rush to weighten the chains.  That you didn't foresee the extent of your slavery doesn't negate your decision to become a slave.

Finally, though, we Americans get to actually say: It's not our fault.

Democracy failed.  Although the United States was born through an act of terrorism now know as the Boston Tea Party, we Americans are a boring, law-abiding bunch.  We are no different from the British loyalists.  When Joe Stacks flew his airplane into an IRS building, no one dared call him a hero.

We said we understood why Joe Stacks committed an act of terrorism.  We were too cowardly to say that Joe Stacks should have flown his airplane into the top floor of Goldman Sachs.  

We live in a democracy?  Joe Stack was wrong.  He should vote!  Follow the law.  Elect leaders who will bring us hope and change.

And so you all voted for Barack Obama.  Not only did you vote for him - an excusable error in a two-party system - You believed in him.  You accepted him as America's messiah.

What did your faith yield?  In 2009, Obama gave hundreds-of-billions-of-dollars to Wall Street.  In 2009, Wall Street paid that money out - in cash.

When the hoi poi suggested that Goldman Sachs traders all get paid in stock, the traders balked.  They wanted cash.  Today.  That the Masters of the Financial Universe have so little faith in the economy that they want their money Right Fucking Now should be a major tell.  Those closets to the markets have no faith in them.

The banksters wanted cash, and they got it.

When the unwashed masses suggested that Wall Street be taxed at 50% for 2009, Obama did nothing.  Congress did nothing.  Wall Street got to keep their money.  Because of tax loopholes, many traders only paid 15% in income taxes.

Billions for them, no interest for you.  Meanwhile, the Federal Reserve kept interest rates at nero-zero rates.  Those of you who had worked for decades couldn't store your money in a bank, as your money wouldn't make anything.  You were thus nudged to the stock markets.

Many of you lost 25-40% of your net worth.  Based on the market's current direction, you may lose nearly everything.

None of what has happened it your fault.  You believed that we lived in a nation of laws.  You believed that voting mattered.  You believed that democracy existed.

It is time, children, to cast aside childish illusions.  You don't matter.  You don't have a vote.  You are a serf who serves at the leisure of your Wall Street Lords and Saviors.

What happens next is your fault.  Are you going to give democracy one more chance?  There is an election coming in November.  Whom are you going to vote for?

Are you going to fight over illegal immigration?  Gay marriage?  Abortion?  Gun control?

If so, congratulations on being Lloyd Blankfein's patsy.  

Wall Street loves watching you fight amongst yourselves.  While you engage in constant husband-and-wife-like bickering, the bankers are looting your house.  It might feel good to argue with one another - just as getting drunk feels good.

Once you stop fighting, you're going to notice that your house has been robbed.  Once the intoxicant of battle wears off, you're going to have a hangover.

Will you continue slaving for Wall Street?  In November, you must vote out anyone who has supported Wall Street.  Nothing else matters.  Being able to bicker over illegal immigration is a privilege of living in a rich country.  Destroy the economy - which Wall Street is intent on doing - and you'll realize how insignificant your disputes are.

By then it will be too late.