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White v. McKinley: Must-Read Case of the Year

There is so much going on in Thomas J. White, Jr. v. Detective Richard McKinley (CA8) (here) that writing a post is a struggle. In White v. McKinley, a wife falsely accused her husband of child molestation. The cop she was dating withheld evidence exonerating the husband. At least two prosecutors (Jennifer Mettler and Jill Kanatzar) knew that the cop was having sex with the wife, but didn't disclose this information to the defense.

And I'm only on page 5!  Read this case.

The case gets more disturbing on each page:

White was tried three times in Missouri state courts for the alleged molestationof Jami. At his first trial, the jury convicted White of 12 counts of sexual molestation.

"White learned after the verdict that Tina White and the chief investigator of the alleged crime [McKinley] had been engaged in a romantic relationship. White also learned that the prosecution knew about the relationship for approximately one year but failed to disclose the information to the defense." State v.White, 81 S.W.3d 561, 566 (Mo. Ct. App. 2002).

The Court of Appeals reversed.  White was re-tried:.  

White's second trial resulted in a hung jury—11 jurors in favor of acquittal and one in favor of conviction. 

After violating the law and getting a vote of 11-1 against them, the prosecutors did not seek justice by dismissing charges against White - who remained in prison during the re-trial.  Instead:

At his third criminal trial, in January or February 2005, White was acquitted. Having remained incarcerated post-appeal and throughout the second and third trials, White was released from custody in February 2005.

White spent five years in prison for a crime he didn't commit.  How many times was he raped in prison?  The opinion doesn't say, but a Missouri businessman's time in state prison as a convicted child molester is a house of horrors that even envisioning is too terrifying for civilized people.


Detective Richard McKinley remains a police officer in Lee's Summit.  Framing a man apparently doesn't get one fired from the Lee's Summit Police Department. 

What happened to the prosecutors who ruined this man's life?  Don't prosecutors swear an Oath to uphold the law?  What happens when a prosecutor violates that oath, leading to a man's wrongful imprisonment?

Kanatzar is in private practice with Dollar, Burns & Becker, where she is a partner.  Her husband, James Kanatzar is now the Jackson County District Attorney.  Incest is best.  

I am still researching Jennifer Mettler.  If you know where she is, let me know.

The Eighth Circuit did justice in the case by identifying the prosecutors by name.  Thank you Judges Smith, Colloton, and Kornmann (sitting by designation) for not allowing these prosecutors to remain anonymous.  The father and husband whose life was ruined has had his name in the public record.  So, too, should the prosecutors who ruined his life be known to the world.

Criminal Law Links & Commentary

Connecticut criminal lawyer Kevin Murray Smith offers sage advice about probation.  Add to that: Dudes, if your woman accuses you (truly or falsely) of domestic violence, get out of the relationship.  There will be no happy ending.  You will eventually be in prison and convicted of a felony.  

* A Terry stop-and-frisk must be justified by reasonable suspicion.  In New York, 99.99% of searches do not reveal a gun.  The numerator is 762 guns found, and the denominator being 575,000 searches.  Nevertheless, a police police or custom that has less than a .001% success rate is routinely upheld in courtrooms nationwide.

In a sane world, Terry would be re-examined in light of statistical evidence.  The problem is that judges only see cases where a Terry stop turned up a gun.  

The availability heuristic is a cognitive bias that makes us believe that x is more or less likely based upon or last experience with x.  See Wiki entry. ("The availability heuristic is a phenomenon (which can result in a cognitive bias) in which people predict the frequency of an event, or a proportion within a population, based on how easily an example can be brought to mind.")

In 100% of cases judges oversee, a Terry stop revealed a gun.  Thus, judges take seriously a police officer's claim that the defendant's "furtive gestures" justified a stop-and-frisk.  After all, judges see all of these cases where the officer was right.  Judges don't see the 99.99% of cases where the officer was wrong.  Thus, the police officer's judgment seems highly reliable.

That police officers are either lying or completely unable to accurately read body language, cannot penetrate even an honest judge's mind because of the availability heuristic.  

Norm Pattis blogs about the real life of a big-name criminal defense lawyer.  If you do real criminal defense, every client is in a life-or-death situation.  One of the challenges of being a lawyer is treating a client like your first client.  

After a few years of practice, nothing shocks you.  Prosecutors and criminal defense lawyers all have gallows humor.  The jokes would offend most sensible people.  Nothing surprises a criminal lawyer.  Nothing that the client is going through is novel to the experienced lawyer.

To most clients, everything is novel.  They want the entire process explained.  They can't understand why you didn't call them at all this week.  "Hasn't stuff been happening?!"  No.  Even in a small state like Connecticut, criminal cases move slowly.  Nothing happens for weeks at a time.  

Meanwhile, clients stew.  They think about their case non-stop.  It is, after all, their only case.  They want to discuss "new" case angles.  If you don't call them back within 24 hours, they believe you're conspiring with the prosecution.  

Most client issues in criminal cases have nothing to do with the law, and everything to do with psychology.

BP Halliburton Oil Spill: Worse than Being Reported

As the video below shows, the BP-Halliburton Oil Spill is doing much more damage than the media is currently reporting.

 One might say, as people often do, "Why care about this, Mike?  There's nothing you can do."  That is what one would expect a society of pacifier-sucking betas to say.

The BP-Halliburton Oil Spill didn't "just happen."  It happened because large corporations own both major political parties.  All of the public will be paying for the oil spill.  Meanwhile, the profits BP and Halliburton made before the Spill will remain inside the pockets of obese executives.  There are no clawbacks in a corpocracy.  

The enemies are not poor brown people, or Catholics, or homosexuals.  The enemies are old white and black guys - Jews and goyim.  Republican John McCain, Larry Summers, and President Barack Obama have all conspired to enrich a few corporate interests at the expense of the entire United States.

While none of us can stop the oil that's exploding out of the ocean, we can vote out every incumbent politician.  We can prevent the next bailout.  We can prevent Halliburton from receiving another $568million no-bid contract from Barack Obama.

Or we can keep hating each other's guys over issues that have less than a 1% impact on our world that even a single BP-Halliburton Oil Spill.

The choice is yours.  This also means the responsibility is yours.  When society collapses, it will be your fault.  That you only did what the corporate-controlled media told you to do will provide no relief from the pain that's awaiting.

Facebook Clears Boyfriend of False Rape Claim

The irony is that this woman could have sent an innocent man to prison if she hadn't sent herself a threatening message:

Zoe Williams was jailed for falsely accusing her ex-boyfriend of rape and hacking into his Facebook account in order to send a "threatening message" to herself that would add credence to her claim.

Williams and her boyfriend had split in 2007, and in 2009 Williams told police that her former partner had raped her several times. The man was arrested after Williams brought forth a Facebook message threatening her if she did not drop the rape charges. After police seized her computer, they discovered that Williams had sent the message to herself.

It's a dangerous world out there for men.

A Cynic's Guide to Mother's Day

There is nothing special about procreation.  It's been done billions of times.  Properly raising a child is something special.  "Good kids" are also becoming a rarity.  

Forty-one percent of children are now born to single mothers:

The number of children born outside marriage in the United States has increased dramatically to four out of ten of all births.  Figures show that 41 per cent of children born in 2008 did not have married parents - up from 28 per cent in 1990.

The article is misleading, since it's not men who are becoming single parents.  Rather, it's female narcissists.  Unable to dial down their self-indulgence, frivolousness, and solipsism, they go to fertility clinics to live our their mommy fantasies.  

Who cares if single motherhood causes criminality?  Who cares what happens to the child?  I want a baby to dress up in design clothing and have people fawn over. That's the end of the discussion.  And if you disagree, you're a misogynist!  

From from being a misogynist, I respect women enough to recognize that, as daughters, they need a strong male influence.  Just as a boy needs a strong male and female influence in his life.  Single parenthood is a disaster for the child.  

And, frankly, if your personality is so foul that no one will marry you: Maybe you should focus on fixing yourself before screwing up a child?  The poor kid, unlike all of your suitors, doesn't have a choice.  If all of those with a choice choose to get the hell away from you...Maybe there's something to all of that rejection?

(No.  Impossible.  All of those men are just afraid of a "strong woman."  Your strength and greatness overfills cups.  You won a Nobel Prize and an Olympic medal, and thus rightfully ask what vessel is worthy of you.)

This is what happens when a daughter lacks a strong, masculine, male presence in her life.  The video is revolting, and I've been advised to not even post on it.  It's too important to remain silent about.  

In the entire audience is not one male who meets traditional standards of masculinity.  Instead, the seats are filled with beta males who lack the strength of will to prevent their wives from sexualizing children; pedophiles; Twilight moms; and douche bags. 

Warren Buffet: Insider Trader? (Moody's MCO)

There's at least probable cause that Warren Buffett violated insider trading laws when he sold $6.2 million in Moody's (MCO) shares.  Buffett has been in regular contact with Moody's executives; in March Moody's received a notice that it faced an SEC lawsuit; in March Buffett $6.2 million in Moody's stock.  

What did Buffett know and when did he know it?