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The War Against Men has reached the schoolhouse:

A Fairfax County jury needed only 47 minutes Thursday to find a popular schoolteacher not guilty of molesting a 12-year-old girl in their school gym this year.

Sean Lanigan, 43, smiled and tears flowed among his dozens of supporters in the courtroom as the verdicts were read clearing Lanigan of charges of aggravated sexual battery and abduction. The case against him hinged on the testimony of two sixth-grade girls at Centre Ridge Elementary School in Centreville, who said Lanigan had scooped up one of the girls in the middle of the school gym, carried her into an equipment room, laid her down on a mat and massaged her shoulders, groping her in the process.

What is a "grope"?  Seriously.  Define it for me.  You can't.

Lanigan testified Wednesday that he did no such thing. The married father of three said he treated students the way he treated his children, picking them up, twirling them around, laughing and joking. He taught at Centre Ridge for 12 years and coached youth soccer throughout Northern Virginia for 20 years.

This is why men must never touch any child.  Is a hug a hug - or a grope.  Do you want to risk your freedom on differences of interpretation?  

Whatever "groping" means, it seems teacher didn't do it:

Lanigan and five other people testified that there were no mats in the equipment room where the girls said he carried one of them. 

Did the police and prosecutor attempt the corroborate the accusers' stories?  To see, like, if, maybe there was, like, actually, you know, a god-damned-fucking mat in the room where the girls said they were molested?  

To ask the question is to be naive and idealistic.  Police and prosecutors do not seek corroborating evidence - since often the evidence will not corroborate the false accusation.  What happens if a police officer learns that the girls could not have been molested on a mat - since there wasn't a mat?  Now the officer has to tell the parents that their daughters are sociopaths.

Then the media calls come.  "These God-fear parents had their daughters raped!?  Why aren't you doing something about it!?  Feminism, feminism, feminism demands a prosecution!"  

Everyone who becomes a prosecutor has an agenda - a plan for higher office.  Thus, prosecutors file cases against innocent men in order to avoid negative press.  Men are the prosecutor's sacrificial lambs.

Besides, a false accusation is all that's required for a conviction.  "Why would these little girls lie?!" the prosecutor bellows to a jury.  Most juries hear a child's testimony, and convict.  The teacher got lucky.  

The teacher lacks the experience and insight to realize just how lucky he got.  He should talk to someone like Norm Pattis, who defends sex crime cases.  People get convicted on a lot less than the testimony of two girls: "Why would both girls lie?  Lighting doesn't strike twice, does it?  Even if one girl is lying, surely they both aren't.  Right?"

Thus, police and prosecutors have no incentive to conduct what rational people would consider a complete investigation.  The Due Process Clause of the Constitution does not demand that police actively seek out exculpatory evidence.  No court has ever held that a criminal defendant has a right to be thoroughly investigated before being put into prison.

Prosecutors and police aren't required to provide a complete investigation, and thus they only look for evidence that can put you in prison.  Evidence that might clear you must be ignored.

Doesn't that make you feel good about the criminal justice system?  It's great when black males are being thrown into prison.  This school teacher, though, was just like us.  

Why then do you feel so safe, and view the police and prosecuting as being on your side?