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Do Women Believes in the Illuminati?

A fantastic post at The Last Psychiatrist.  By analyzing a claim ("Women are more prone to paranormal thinking than men"), he reveals why almost all social science is a sham.  He also reveals the insidigous practice of arguing false inferences - which based on recent comments at this site, seems to be something many people don't understand.

As the the claim about women and their superstitious, yes, women do read their horoscopes.  I've never met a woman into the conspiracy theory movement, however.  Nor have I heard a woman talk about reptilian overlords who operate the World Banking System through their Illuminati intermediaries at Goldman Sachs.

The major difference between male and female paranormal thinking is that men dress their paranormal views up in pseduo-science.  Aliens could - as a matter of scientific fact - exist.  Therefore, aliens control every action on planet Earth, and it's only a matter of time before they appear to us.  

Either way, we end up with nonsense that does nothing to advance the humanity condition, or to help people find meaning in existence.  Blaming aliens or the planets for whatever problems one finds in life simply leads to frustration and futility.

Much of life is random and outside of one's control.  That is an unsatisfactory answer.  And so men and women are equally motivated to find an explanation.  In both cases, the answers are wrong.