The Two Selves: Experience v. Remembering
The Trial Lawyer's "Tax Cut" That Isn't

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     * "Growing Number of Prosecutions for Videotaping the Police."  The government tells us that we shouldn't concern ourselves with privacy, because only those with something bad to hide need privacy.  Why then does the government prosecute American citizens for simply recording an interaction with police?

     * The Beauty Bias surfaces again.  Good-looking people have an easier time finding a job; earn more money; and require less education than their competitors.  Americans - though fat - also hate fat people.  Being fat isn't just bad for your health: It's bad for your wallet. 

     * The media continues validating my general "check out" strategy - this time by turning a Sarah Palin typo into national news.  When people ask me why I declare America's situation to be hopeless, I have two words: Sarah Palin.  She is not smart.  She does not read.  She does not think.  She is a joke.  Yet conservatives love her, and liberals love to hate her.  That's our future.

     * Wall Street gave money to Congressmen on even of financial overhaul [sic] vote.  Why is Rod Blagojevich being prosecuted for bribery?  In a legally-relevant manner, distinguish Blagojevich's conduct from Congress's?  You can't.  Both accepted money for favors.  The only difference is that Blagojevich was caught on tape.

     * The latest Scientific American: Mind has an interesting article on Borderline Personality Disorder.  Certainly any lawyer defending sex crimes needs to understand BPD - and certainly any man who wants to avoid a false-rape accusation needs to understand it.  (Narcissism is a man's disease, and BPD is a woman's disease.)

     *  AIG defrauded Ohio out of almost $1 billion.  One-billion dollars.  Let me steal $1,000, and I'm going to be a felon.  When Wall Street steals money, it's strictly a civil matter.  It's a great gig - being on Wall Street.  Steal, steal, and steal again.  If you're caught, you personally won't be prosecuted.  You personally won't be required to pay any fines.  Instead, the company - which means shareholders - will be held civilly liable.  

     It's about time for lynch mobs to begin forming.  Whites used to hang blacks for looking at a white woman.  White men can steal billions from taxpayers, and no one seems to care.  Racism was the greatest invention of the power elite.  A white working stiff has more in common with a black working stiff than either of them have with a Goldman Sachs banker.  Yet whom does the white working stiff hate more - the banker or the black man?  

     If you are a racist, you are a stooge for the power elite.  At the top of the pyramid, there is no black or white.  It's only money and not-money.