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U.S. Taxpayers to Pay for BP Oil Spill

It is criminal, as well as totally lawful, for BP to force United States taxpayers to pay for the BP oil spill:

Under the U.S. corporate tax law, companies can take credits up to 35% of their loss. Since BP reported $32.2 billion charge related to the cost of the spill, 35% of that will give you roughly $10 billion in credit. So BP’s claim is pretty much what its spokesman said. Read more.  

I have studied revolutions my entire life, and now is the time for someone to create a movement.  It hasn't been this ripe since Tsar Nicholas was fed lead rather than cake.   

Under the law, Goldman Sachs may steal taxpayer money, and hand that money out to the bankers who stole it.  Under the law, BP may take a huge shit in the ocean, and then use taxpayer money as toilet paper.

The laws are not changing.  A reasonable person must therefore ask when it will be time to act outside of the law.