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Hewett Packard's CEO Mark Hurd was fired for stealing company funds.  He stole company funds by falsifying expense reports.

What would happen to an ordinary employee who falsified expense reports?  Think for a minute.  Might police be called?  Might he be sued?  I can think of many negative possibilities.

One thing I cannot imagine is that the employee would be paid severance.  Can you imagine that?

In Mark Hurd's case, however, a severance package he received.  How large?  Fifty million dollars.

Meanwhile, what happened to the HP employees who lost their jobs not after committing theft, but after HP CEO Mark Hurd realized he could get a larger bonus by outsourcing their jobs?  As one employee reports:

I have just been fired by HP as part of their 'workforce reduction program' through no fault or underperfomance on my part.

Guess how much I received from HP as severence? Go on... guess...

NOTHING, that's how much I got! Absolutely NOTHING except my contractual two months notice of termination - and I am expected to work during this time training the offshore cheap labour that will supposedly replace me (as if!)

This piece of slime, Mark Hurd, paid himself $42.5million in 2008 and $27million in 2009 whilst he was forcing most of his workforce to take a 5% salary cut and sacking tens of thousands of staff worldwide... all just so that he could pretend to the shareholders that he was 'boosting revenue' and thus enable him to pay himself and his fellow leeches in the upper management millions of dollars in bonuses.

I don't give a damn about his private life (though it surprises me not one jot that he is as menditious and despicable in his personal interaction as he is in his professional), but I can say that he and his 'friends' certainly raped Hewlett-Packard for all the short-term profit they could at the expense of the long-term survival of the company.

When a company's CEO steals money, he gets paid tens-of-millions.  When a hard-working employee has his job outsourced, he trains his replacement.

Is it really going to surprise you when more people decide to "go Stacks" or "Thornton"?