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Illegal Immigration: Self-Interest Disguised as Morality

If you're able to afford to hire an illegal immigrant to do your lawn or clean your house, you support illegal immigration.  That's a demographic fact.  Rich people support illegal immigration.

Those who actually live around illegal immigrants are more likely to oppose illegal immigration.

Could those who live with illegal immigrants have an insight that we lack?  Maybe they know something we don't.  Can't be.  No way.  Instead, we high income earners are more enlightened than those fat, poor, ugly, white, racist Arizonans.  That is the only rational explanation for why we support - and they oppose - illegal immigration.

Meanwhile, those of us who support illegal immigration would never live in the same neighborhoods as illegal immigrants.  Instead, we live in rich, white enclaves.  We pay high rents and fat mortgages to live with People Like Us.  If we really cared about the poor, we'd downsize our homes.  We'd donate the difference between what it costs to live in Whitesville and Brownsville, to charity.

Who has the moral high ground?  Us or them?

Proclaiming moral superiority over the racist, fat, white Arizonans doesn't seem warranted.  Of course the well-off want illegal immigration: It saves us money.  Moreover, illegal immigrants don't threaten our jobs.

And it's not like the imported peasant class is moving into our neighborhoods.  Let the working stiffs deal with increased crime.  As long as we  can save 50% on lawn care and maid services, what's it to us?

Even those of us who rail against Goldman Sachs are enemies of the American people.  We are, in our own way, looting the Republic.  If a revolution comes, our necks will be on the chopping blocks - and it won't be undeservedly.