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Ethicists Aren't Ethical: Or, Why Sin is In

Links: The United States is a Farce Edition

Some skinny guy might have used illegal drugs (or something) in order to cheat Frenchmen out of a bicycle racing victory.  Why care?  I don't.  Why does the United States Department of Justice care?  Isn't there fraud on Wall Street to investigate?  Imagine what a world would look like if we started paying attention only to the stuff that impacts us.  If Lance Armstrong cheated, what's it to you?  If Wall Street rigged the financial markets, doesn't that actually impact you?  Can't you see that you are part of the problem?  Stop caring about things that don't matter.  Start caring about things that do matter.

The mainstream media wants to know if the men in Hartford deserved to be murdered.  If they were racist, so what?  Do we sentence racists to death?  People die every day, and the Hartford victims are strangers to me.  So I'm not one to obsess over the tragedy of the day.  Yet the media is sending a message to people: Thought crime is punishable by death.  Today they are approving the murder of racists.  Tomorrow, it'll be anyone who holds politically incorrect opinions.

Is that really the game journalists want to play?  If Americans decide to go Hobbes, who do you think it going to win?  The editors of the New York Times?

We live in a society where those who need the protection of the laws the most - bankers, corporate executives, and journalists - are the first to disregard the laws.  More people have realized that the monied and chattering classes have declared war against them.  May their deity of choice protect them once America reaches the tipping point of rage.  The United States is a country where 99% of the 300 million guns are in the hands of those whom the elite have declared war against.

Why do people think the French Revolution cannot happen here?  The Bolshevik Revolution occurred in 1917.  In the United States, the 1960's were a great period of unrest.  We are not special.  Yes, it can happen here.

What do you think will happen if the masses adopt the elite's views on the law?  What will happen once the masses start paying you the same respect you've been paying them?