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Why is Losing Weight so Difficult?

Sixty-thousand dollars wasn't enough to inspire two guys to lose 60 pounds.  Why not?

Food is a drug.

Once you start from the working premise that food is a drug, everything about the difficulties of weight loss makes sense.  Fat people are addicted to food.  Could you pay a heroin addict to stop using?  A cigarette smoker?

The wagerers noted in the post, above, are both economist-like people.  Economics is more-or-less useless on any important existential question, and so a bet based on economic incentives is designed to fail.

How does a drug user decide to stop using drugs?  That's an existential question.  The person makes the life decision to stop using.  Many external events often precipitate that decision, but nevertheless, a junkie decides to redefine himself.

A junkie will always tell you that they are a recovering drug user.  They have killed the old self - the user - and created a new self.  Thus, in drug discussions, use of the Phoenix Metaphor is common.  Through painful fire comes rebirth.

A fat person exists as a junkie.  Using drugs (food) is part of that junkie's existence.  Thus, the only way to lose weight is to redefine one's existence - to create a new self.