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Fighting and Masculinity

A good post with a lot of insight, but long-winded.  I'd put it this way: Blah-blah-blah if you look like a target, people are going to shoot at you.

I was once walking down a street with a woman.  There were two guys standing in a door way, heckling people who walked by on the sidewalk.  They had comments to the people in front of us.  We walked by, and they weren't interested in saying anything.

I have many stories like this.

Indeed, living a sometimes-rough part of city, I've come to the sad realization that people who want to be victimized ("Come at me, bro") are the ones least likely to get victimized.  I would love for a group of thugs to come at me, because if it's 2-on-1, I can beat them down as badly as I'd like without fear of going to jail.  Once I make eye contact and smile, they look down at the sidewalk and do the coward's shuffle.  They know I'll throw first and fast enough that even if they have a gun, it'll be over before they can draw.  (The biggest mistake people make in a fight is not totally committing.)  And so I haven't been in a street fight in over a decade.

Meanwhile, it's the good people who fucked with.  When will you people realize that you outnumber the thugs, and come to the aid of your decent peers?

Imagine if thugs knew that if they came at a good person, the rest of you would stand together.  Imagine how society would change.  Street crime would stop existing, because street crime can only exist in a world filled with weak victims.  With large numbers, no one is weak.  Yet the irrational herd instinct prevails.  Look down along with everyone else while someone's daughter gets raped.  Just pray that someday it's not your daughter.

Indeed, people have sometimes decried my "vigilantism."  Only in a completely pussified, festering, declining society is standing up against criminals a vigilante act.  Yet people like me - rather than rapists and muggers - are the ones being driven into the underground.  Why is that?

Standing up for what's right takes courage.  People are too afraid to stand up for what's right.  They're too afraid to take back their neighborhoods and streets.  Rather than admit their cowardice, they issue moral judgments against people like me.  

I am on their side, but remind them of their own weaknesses - through doing nothing other than refusing to live life as a beta male.  I therefore, must be the enemy.  The biggest mistake a man can make is reminding other men how pathetic they are.