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Islamophobia is a Myth: Part 1

Male Threats and Male Speech

This video exposes feminism for the evil, anti-male, anti-civil rights movement that it is.  The man in the video is being obnoxious - but more so than the other protesters?  In a public park, I don't want to listen to anyone screaming.  Why are the man's screams somehow of lesser value than the harpies'?  

Not, too, how mere words becomes a crime.  The women tell a police officer that the man was making threats.  You can watch the video, and see clearly that the man threatened no one.  Yet the women sought the force of the law to shut up and imprison a man.  Falsely.

Were any of these women arrested for falsely accusing this man of committing a crime?  Notice that an old, ugly, vile creature physically batters him.  Was she arrested for laying hands on the peaceful protestor?

In modern American, the man did commit a crime.  The guard explains: "You're being very disrespectful to these women....You shouldn't talk to women like that."  Disrespecting a woman is now a crime.

These women are not just a joke: They are a threat to freedom.  They want any man who disagrees with them arrested.  They even have the force of law supporting their whims and false accusations.

The bigger joke are the men who supplicate and white knight for women.  That guard - while ostensibly a male - is no man.  He's a slave to the feminist establishment and its anti-male preachings.  The Emancipation Proclamation may have freed his ancestors, but he remains a slave.