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GOP: Party of the Beta Males

The Futurist has an ingenious post about the Republican party entitled, "Why Republicans Will Not Shrink Government."  The logic is unassailable.  While his well-reasoned writing should be read in its entirety, his theme theme can be summarized in a sentence: Republicans are beta males.

A beta male is a man who elevates a woman above himself.  Republicans do this in two ways.  First, Republicans believe in the inequality of men, that is, Republicans preach "chivalry."  Chivalry means that a man must pay for his female date's dinner.  And buy an overpriced rock called a diamond.  And work himself to an early death paying for a home that he isn't even allowed to smoke cigars in.

Republicans also live in terror of offending the feminist lobby.  Need an example.  Here's a question:

How many men are delaying or postponing marriage indefinitely because of gay marriage?

None is the right answer.  Compare: 

How many men are delaying or postponing marriage indefinitely because of unfair divorce and child support laws?

More than zero.

Why then do Republicans oppose gay marriage while allowing no-fault divorce, and the overall ass-raping of men in divorce court?

Anyone who seriously examines the Republican party will conclude that Republican men are beta males.  May God - and the Family Court system - have mercy on their souls.