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Into the Buzzsaw

Someone fired a missile off the California coast. The Pentagon either doesn't know who did it, or they aren't saying. There are huge stories here. If the Pentagon doesn't know who fired a missile off the California coast, what does that say about the government's ability to protect the American people?  The defense budget is nearly $1 trillion, and is the largest portion of federal spending.

Where is this money going?  Why are we giving so much money to people who can't answer basic questions about an attack near American soil?  An honest, inquisitive reporter could write dozens of articles.  And yet they will not.  Why not?

I've recently begun reading Into the Buzzsaw: Leading Journalists Expose the Myth of a Free Press.  I thought I was cynical and nihilistic enough to enjoy it.  The book is infuriating, and I should probably put it down for my blood pressure's sake.  This awesome book review explains why:

Into the Buzzsaw: Leading Journalists Expose the Myth of a Free Press might well have been subtitled The Worst of ProjectCensored.orgThere were several disturbing stories about stories that were self-censored by owners and publishers of newspapers and television stations. One involved the roadblocks set up to prevent investigating and reporting on the possibility that a missile from the surface of the sea may have blown TWA flight 800 out of the sky, killing 230 people. The official "accident" report was done by the FBI, with the help of the CIA, and it says that a fuel tank exploded due to a wiring problem. Why the National Transportation Safety Board didn't control the investigation, since the explosion was supposedly due to something within their purview, remains unanswered. Why 116 of 134 eyewitnesses say they saw something fiery going from the sea to the sky and then the explosion, which contradicts the CIA animation (based on what?) created to show fiery debris going from the sky toward the sea, remains unexplained? Most important, why was it so hard for critics of the FBI investigation to get taken seriously by those who control the media? 

The story about a missile being shot off the California coast went into the buzzsaw.