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The Spearhead Goes Beta

How hopeless is today's American male? So hopeless that a site devoted to masculinity is going to create a "safe space."

The "men" at the Spearhead are tired of people posting comments that disagree with them. Rather than ignore or address the dissenters, they are going to go into a bomb shelter. I wish I were joking.

UPDATE: There is hope yet. In the comments section, readers can vote comments up or down. This is the most voted-up comment:

Wendy McElroy of I-feminists and others followed the same route of creating an “inner sanctum” where true believers, having drunk to their fill of the same ideological cool-aid could gather and crow identical platitudes to each other.

The lack of open opportunities of external challenge and open requirement of believers and adherents to defend their received wisdom and chosen orthodoxy of “only-feminisms-methods-are-good-for everyone” on the site lead to its becomming an echo chamber … And eventually a relic.

And here is the most unpoular comment:

Thank you.

Listen to your readers, Spearhead editors, and avoid the fate of the National (Beta) Review.