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Joel Rosenberg: Alpha Male of the Day

Tyranny exists because cowardly men do nothing. In Minneapolis, Minnesota, one man said, "Enough!" He was willing to risk arrest by ignoring the unlawful order of a power-mad police officer:

​What happens when you bring a gun into a police station? You get arrested. A month later.

At least that's what happened to Joel Rosenberg, Minneapolis's most rabid gun advocate, after he flaunted the piece strapped to his side in front of Sgt. William Palmer in City Hall last month.

The beta female "journalist," Jessica Lussenhop, uses words like rabid, thus demonstrating her bias. Yet she also demonstrates ignorance.

Under Minnesota law, citizens may carry firearms under several well-defined circumstances. Joel Rosenberg, a Second Amendment activist, has a permit authorizing himself to carry a weapon. 

A police officer, however, said that Joel did not have the right to carry a firearm to a police station. Yet Minnesota law is clear that the police officer is a thug:

Subd. 23.Exclusivity. This section sets forth the complete and exclusive criteria and procedures for the issuance of permits to carry and establishes their nature and scope. No sheriff, police chief, governmental unit, government official, government employee, or other person or body acting under color of law or governmental authority may change, modify, or supplement these criteria or procedures, or limit the exercise of a permit to carry.

Seems clear, doesn't it? The law allows Joel to carry his firearm. A police officer doesn't get to say, "But not here." If police want to limit Joel's right to carry a firearm, they should lobby the legislature for a change in the law. 

Yet as corrupt police demonstrate every day, the rule of law does not apply to law enforcement. We live in a nation of thugs. Scum bag prosecutors like Allen Chiu and petty tyrants Sgt. William Palmer enforce their whims rather than obey the law.

The beta males poulating this country have started spamming the forums, with such mouth turds as these:

His actions at the location, later the POSTS is inept and repugnant. He should have complied with the Officers requests and made his point later. 

Since when if following the law repugnant? To the beta male who posted that comment, anyone who disregards the unlawful order of a man in uniform is a criminal. The beta male must be obedient, as he lacks independence of thought and strength of spirit to live a life of dignity.

There are not enough men like Joel Rosenberg left. When all of the Rosenbergs are gone, your wives and daughters will live in a world populated with men like "Citizen" left to protect them. When your wives are raped by police and your children are sold into slavery, don't start crying about injustice.

Injustices like America hasn't seen in decades will soon be upon - thanks to people like "Citizen" and the rest of this country's loathsome, ring-kissing beta males.