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Is Julian Assange an Alpha Male?

On Keeping Alleged Rape Victims Anonymous

Dan Solomon has made the case against Julian Assange. See the comments here, and his post here.  Although I think Dan's is naive, one thing stood out. Namely, the anonymity of the accusers.

Ann Ardin was not named by the press, as the media will not name alleged rape victims. This is the case even where a rape never happened. What is the name of the Duke lacrosse accuser? You won't find it on NPR or in the New York Times.

Julian Assange's accuser, Anna Ardin, was named by courageous bloggers. And what did naming her lead to? 

It led to the discovery of a blog post Ardin wrote. In this post, she encourages spurned women to seek revenge against men. I've reproduced the blog post here. This tip, e.g., reveals the mind of someone who is bat-shit crazy:

Rank your systematic revenge schemes from low to high in terms of likely success of implementation, required input from you, and degree of satisfaction when you succeed. The ideal revenge is of course as high as possible in these bars, but can often be a greater effort of labor and capital provide safer output for the other two, much more important parameters.

If we hadn't known Ardin's name, we'd have never found this Little Pink Book. Knowing her name led to the discovery of exculpatory evidence. 

I might have found Solomon's analysis more persuasive had I not known that Ardin is insane. Had this Little Pink Book remained hidden, many of you would have sheepishly allowed the New York Times and NPR to create the rape narrative.

Instead, you had the facts. Had Assange's accusers not been identified, you'd not have had the facts. You'd have had media spin.

Ultimately, Assange's case is going to be tried not just in our court of public opinion, but in a court of law. Again, too, this illustrates the problem of anonymity.

The crowd is smarter than any single person. It is highly unlikely that Assange's lawyer would have found the now-deleted Little Pink Book. It was the crowd - tens of thousands of people like you and me - who found the Little Pink Book. 

The crowd can only be recruited when the crowd knows what it is looking for. The crowd can't help unless the crowd has a name. How could you say, "This woman published a book advising scorned women to lie about men who hurt their feelings," if you didn't know the woman's name?

One can thus only conclude that keeping alleged rape victims anonymous hinders the search for the truth. It is a power grab by malicious prosecutors and unethical journalists. With a monopoly over the facts, they can turn a falsehood into truth - or at least con you into accepting the lie as a truth.