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Self-Esteem Movement Reaches Domestic Violence Laws

Although God may be dead, self-esteem is alive, and there is no greater sin than harming another person's self-esteem.

When dealing with children, that much should be obvious. A child lacks a sense of consciousness and self-awareness. A child cannot validate himself, because the child doesn't comprehend that he has an inner world with worth that need not be measured by others. The child knows only emotion, and the desire for approval.

And so people should of course coddle small children, validating them and paying them compliments for complementing trivial tasks. Eventually, however, the child must learn to walk. A strong ego cannot be developed until the child learns that approval, firstly, must come from within. It is what you see when looking in the mirror that matters. Self-respect, not self-esteem, is what matters.

As we live in a nation of children, it should perhaps not surprise us that harming an - biological, though not psychological - adult's self-esteem is a crime. This is no joke.

According to the Center for Disease Control (.pdf), "harming a partner's sense of self-worth" is domestic violence. One can harm a partner's sense of self-worth by "name-calling intimidation, or not letting a partner see friends and family." As The Spearhead notes, everyone is an abuser now.

Women should be held to the same standards men are held, and so it is women who clearly commit more domestic abuse than men. How often do men denigrate their wives? Most men live in fear of their wives. "Walking on egg shells" is how the pitiful bastards describe married life. It's far more common to hear women denigrate their husbands.

The things I've heard at dinner parties make me cringe for the lost masculinity of the age. "You're going to listen to that," I once asked a beta male. Of course he would, as a slave knows no other existence. One can only imagine what the poor chump endures in private.

And god help the man who tries "see[ing] friends and family." A man who hangs out with his friends is, by definition, neglecting his wife. Why isn't he at home, like a good slave? Is having to defend against the shrieks that precede a night out with the guys a form of domestic violence? By the letter of the CDC definition, yes, and yet 95% of domestic violence arrests are of men. Will when nagging wives be arrested for interfering with a man's hanging with the boys?

The CDC's expansive definition is bringing men closer to feminism's end game. As the Assange/WIkileaks false rape prosecution is showing, a man's life can be ruined based on the acts of a malicious woman. Facts and logic are no defense to charges of domestic violence, or rape.

Soon enough, feminists will have their paradise. Congratulations, feminists, you have won. Now one must ask: What is your prize?

Legit guys will have all left the country, or will be living as cads and players, or maybe just bachelors who randomly hook-up or hire escorts. Read some of the "game" blogs (Roosh, In Male Fide, Roissy), and ask yourself if those aren't some of the smartest guys writing. A generation ago, those would have been devoted husbands and fathers. No more. Are you happy now?

It's the smartest guys who are checking out of modern society, which leaves the United States with only the weakest males remaining. Women might be happy at first, as it will create a matriarchy. In the long term, however, societies like China will only grow stronger. Then what?

Men, like electricity, are a force. There are good men and evil men, and there will always be evil men. A smart society channels men into positive behaviors. Values like honor and fidelity are taught. In a civilized society, the good men outnumber the evil men. When there are no good men remaining, you get modern Russia. Or New York in the 80's. Or the inner cities.

The good men are leaving. Twenty-six percent of young men are too fat to even meet the Army's entrance standards. What happens when China invades, or stops loaning money to the United States? No advanced society has ever been founded by or run by women. In light of how children of single mother's often end up, one is left wondering why anyone thinks a country will turn out better. 

The changing of the guard is occurring. The old guard is dying out, with fewer young gladiators willing to defend a country that has waged war on them. The media's propaganda about how a man exists to sacrifice himself is no longer being heeded.

With the Internet's free flow of information, there will be fewer gladiators each year. The older generation does not have a monopoly of the airwaves. NPR hates men, and so what? Men are reading blogs and messages boards, receiving the truth from other men. 

More men are learn that feminism has waged war on them, and that the Sarah Palin and other CONservatives are on the feminist's side. Left and Right both hate men. We are returning the favor.

Enjoy the rubble. I'll be long gone before any of this impacts me.