Justice in an Oligopoly
On Keeping Alleged Rape Victims Anonymous

Wikileaks Double Standards

Imagine I said, "I hope Anna Ardin [the Wikileaks false accuser] gets raped!" People would scream at me from the mountains. Yet look at the reality of what Anna Ardin has done to Julian Assange.

Assange is currently being held without bail, for having sex without a condom. Why is condomless sex only a male crime? Shouldn't a woman have a duty to see if the man's member is covered? Otherwise, isn't the woman equally guilty of condomless sex? Yet Assange is treated as "rapist," and the women who allowed him to penetrate them without a condom are "victims." Sophistry at its finest.

I digress. 

Assange is being held in prison. He might be raped. He might be assassinated. The United States is already planning a legal prosecution against him. Will Assange be sent to Gitmo, or to an American prison (where I 100% guarantee he will be raped)? Accusations have consequences, and Assange's life may well be over.

Yet people are criticizing me for naming Assange's false accusers, and linking to their contact information. Dan, e.g., wrote:

You know, I've read your blog for a long time, and I've frequently found a lot of reasons to support it. But I'm really completely perplexed by this shit. What on earth gives you such confidence that these women are liars that you'd not only spout the rhetoric that you've got out here in all of the posts on the subject, but that you'd also implicitly encourage the harassment (and potential violence against) women over accusations you (and everyone else) know very little about?

This is a common problem facing men. It's ha-ha-ha to make prison rape jokes. When men are raped in prison, when we're not laughing about it, we're not caring about it. Assange will probably be raped. He will certainly be imprisoned.

Yet identifying the people who are directly leading to Assange's rape is cruel? Dan claims that we don't know much about the case. Yet I do know a lot about the case. Here is a video, and here is a blog post describing the evidence against him. 

I encourage anyone here to play prosecutor. I will give you equal time. If you want to guest blog (you may do so anonymously, although you must give me your real name), go for it. Present the Case Against Julian Assange.

Do the research, and then prove that I am wrong in concluding that Assange has been falsely accused. I seek the truth, and have no fear of being refuted. Yet a refutation will not occur, because it cannot occur. Assange is the real victim.

Assange aside, the double standards are troubling. Why has the media published Assange's name within the context of the accusations against him? Shouldn't a man be entitled to the same anonymity of women - until being convicted in a court of law? Yet the double standard persists. Name the man first, ask questions later. If the answers lead to a vindication of the man, still refuse to name the woman.

Most men infantilize women. When you "white knight" for a woman, you are claiming that she lacks the fortitude to defend herself. These women are big girls, and should be strong enough to fight back without a man saving them. Women are not damsels. They are equal moral agents.

I treat women the same as I treat men. If you're a rapist, do not seek sanctuary here. Likewise, if you falsely accuse someone of rape, I will identify you. I've done it before, and I will keep doing it.

Until women learn that falsely accusing a man has consequences, then false accusations will continue. Incentives matter. Consequences deter misconduct. Currently women who falsely accuse men of rape do not face any sanction. The mainstream media, e.g., has to this day refused to identify the false rape accuser in the Duke lacrosse case.

Yet a man who has been accused of rape will see his name on the front page of a local newspaper.

The case against Assange is false. The women falsely accused him after conferring with each other about the great sex they had with him. One of Assange's "victims" had posted a guide to getting revenge against men.

In a just world, men would not rape women. In a just world, women would not falsely accuse men of rape. Until we live in a just world, men who rape women must be imprisoned, and women who falsely accuse men of rape must at least be publicly shamed.