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Over a decade ago I used to get into heated arguments with people. I told them that I had no desire to ever own a home. This infuriated people.

At the time, I was too young to understand their fury. Why get so upset if I have an unusual-but-wrong idea. How does my eccentric view of home ownership harm you? Who cares if I'm a deadbeat with no desire for long-term obligations or responsibilities? Really...Why care?

Life has taught some something wonderful: People get angry when they have not facts or logic to support their position - but only dogma and orthodoxy. People want me to own a home to be miserable like them.

Here is a post from a message board I read that accurately describes why I have no desire to "own" a home:

I really miss having an apartment. Owning a home is the biggest scam they've managed to indoctrinate into the "American Dream". I look at my life now and think about how much better I "lived" when I lived in an apartment. 

I work a full week (40 hours if I'm lucky, usually more these days when you're expected to do the work of the three they laid off). At least half of my weekends, if not more, are dedicated to "doing things around the house", from mowing the lawns to cleaning out gutters, trimming trees, cleaning something I would never have to clean if I had an apartment (like the roof). Whenever I was able to save up some money in an apartment I would use it to travel, now I use whatever money I have saved up to either fix something that has broken around the house (A/C, plumbing, roof), or perform some necessary upgrade (like replace the aging wooden fence). 

I think to myself "is this living"? And it's only bound to get worst when my girlfriend moves in with me or if we get married, because she's very much the "nest builder" and already complains that my house needs "a woman's touch", which translates into having to put in new tile, or paint, or who know's what. 

And of course to top it all off, with the way the market has gone, I owe more than my house is worth so selling it is out of the question. 

I really miss living in an apartment.

Fuck that noise. I live in a bad-ass apartment. If I "owned" it, my mortgage would be double what I pay in rent. When something goes wrong in the apartment, I call the super. I'm even on a month-to-month lease, and thus can leave this place anytime for a better apartment.

When I'm not working, I'm goofing off, going to the gym, reading books, going to museums, hitting a book club, and doing other cool and fun shit like travelling. There is no bullshit list of honey do's.

Aside from those advantages, "owning" a home limits your freedom.

When an exciting job opportunity arouse, we gave 30 days' notice and took a huge risk by moving. Had we "owned" a home, we couldn't have taken that risk. There's no way we could have afforded paying rent in an apartment while also paying the mortgage. Moving has been one of the best three decisions of my life, and even if the job gamble doesn't pay off, moving has enhanced my life by at least 66.6%.

Thank God I stopped listening to people and their stupid opinions about what is "right" or "smart." The only thing most peopel "know" is what society and culture has indoctrinated them to believe. Let the foolish masses be shephered by their banking masters and Christian moralists.

Banks want to you "own" a home because this puts you into debt servitude. Christians want you to "own" a home because this prevents you from living the sinful life I lead. Everyone else wants you to "own" a home because misery is the only thing people are willing to share.