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Orthodox Jews Discover Misandry

Like most religions, Judaism is not really based on timeless truths - but instead is a product of its culture. As times change, religionists suddenly have new "revelations." And so it was only a matter of time before misandry, or the hatred of men, found its way into Orthdox Jewish homes.

Aharon Friedman was married to an Orthodox Jewish woman. She, like women in 75% of cases, filed for divorce. She also kidnapped their daughter.

Rather than bow before this tyrannical woman, Mr. Friedman is fighting back. He refuses to award his wife a get. Until he awards a get, the primitive and silly religion that allowed his wife to leave him and kidnap their child, will prevent her from remarrying another cult member.

Rather than recognize Friedman's prerogative under Jewish law to withhold a get, other Jews are turning against him:

Mr. Friedman, an Orthodox Jew, finds himself scrutinized in the Jewish press, condemned by important rabbis, and attacked in a YouTube video showing about 200 people protesting outside his Silver Spring, Md., apartment on Dec. 19.

What about Friedman's wife - who, again, is the one who filed for divorce and who kidnapped their daughter? Are protesters decrying her abandoning Mr. Friedman and kidnapping his daughter? Of course not.

When a woman breaks a man heart and steals his child, no one cares. Indeed, they say that people like me - who simply note that Friedman has been wronged - are misogynists.

When I tell men to watch their backs, many roll their eyes. Yet when Orthodox Jewish men turn on their own: What makes you think the white knights and manginas won't turn on you?

Having a child in the United States is the most dangerous decision a man can make. Aharon Friedman foolishly assumed that his wife had been insulted from America's Sex & In The City culture. He was wrong.

Now he has no wife, no child, and no religion. God is, indeed, dead.