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Paul Mirengoff Humiliates Himself and Akin Gump

When Bob Ambrogi reported that Akin Gump apologized for some moronic comments a partner made on his personal blog, I figured Akin Gump was being uptight. Then I read Paul Mirengoff's post. What an idiot. Here's what he wrote:

As for the "ugly," I'm afraid I must cite the opening "prayer" by Native American Carlos Gonzales. It was apparently was some sort of Yaqui Indian tribal thing, with lots of references to "the creator"

What was ugly about the prayer? I guess he doesn't like the way brown people - with their primitive, tribal, tongue-clicking dialects - speak.

Anyway, Akin Gump represents a lot of Injuns, whose tempers flare hotter than fire water. They no doubt called Akin Gump in outrage. Good. I hope Akin Gump loses business. Employing morons should have some costs.

By the way, here is Paul Mirengoff's apology:

In a post last night, I criticized the use of a Yaqui prayer as the invocation to the memorial service in Tucson. In doing so, I failed to give the prayer the respect it deserves. Although I did not intend this as a slight to the religion or to the Yaqui tribe, it can clearly be interpreted as one.

If I called Paul Mirengoff's wife ugly, how would that not be taken as an insult? I am down for insulting people. But let's not be punk bitches about it. Man-up and admit what you're doing rather than be a passive-aggressive cunt.

If fact, this entire post is an insult. If you, Paul Mirengoff, honestly do not understand why calling someone's religious invocation "ugly" is insulting, then your professional judgment is suspect. You are a total dipshit moron whom I would never trust to handle a parking ticket for me.

Anyhow, here's hoping Mirengoff gets all the negative publicity he deserves.

And if Mirengoff wants to make it right, here's what he should write:

I, like a lot of people, am part of an in-group. Because of this, I instinctively repel against views and customs that are different from mine. My post was a visceral and irrational response to an unfamiliar prayer. I am sorry that I insulted the Yaqui. I was wrong.

Moreover, my knee-jerk reaction towards their religion revealed something about myself. I'm neither as cultured nor tolerant as I consider myself to be.

Again, I am sorry. Please tell me how to make this right.

He won't say anything like that, because he's not sorry. Well, he is sorry that the people who pay him a lot of money are angry at him. Yet that's not the sort of sorry he should be.