Why the Old Hate the Young
"Hatred...Their Finest Art"

Stewart Baker and the Sissified Right

Steward Baker, an academic who never bothered serving his country as a soldier, is a typical right-wing pussy. In a recent post, he refers to Jesse Ventura as "The Wussy." Let's compare their credentials.

Stewart A. Baker is a partner in the Washington office of Steptoe & Johnson LLP. He returned to the firm following 3½ years at the Department of Homeland Security as its first Assistant Secretary for Policy.

What's tough about being a policy wonk and government lap dog? 

On the other hand:

From September 11, 1969, to September 10, 1975, during the Vietnam War era, Ventura served in the United States Navy. While on active duty, Ventura was part of Underwater Demolition Team 12 (UDT). The UDTs were merged with the US Navy SEALs in 1983, 8 years after Ventura had left the Navy.

You're in a bar and shit is about to go down. Who do you want watching your back- a Navy SEAL or a Supreme Court law clerk? If you even hesitated answering that question, get the fuck off my site.

Unfortunately for public discourse and logical thinking, Baker's comments are part of a broader Right Wing scam. Men who have never served in the Armed Forces feel entitled to question the toughness of those of us who have.

Who can forget the attacks on John Kerry? Although Kerry served in Vietnam, chicken hawks who had "other priorities" said Kerry wasn't tough enough. Some even suggested that Kerry didn't deserve his Purple Heart, because a bullet only grazed him.

Today I am enlightened, and thus know joining the military makes one a patsy for the power elite - although at 17, my naive ass was at Army Basic Training. Yet there's no question that someone who has actually served is, prima facie, less of a wuss than those who didn't serve. There's a 100% chance that someone who was a Navy SEAL is in tougher than Stewart Baker, you, and me.

Yet Baker, along with the other cowards and pussies on the Right, feel entitled to question Ventura's toughness. And why did Chickenhawk Baker question Ventura's toughness in the first place?

Jesse Ventura, who has been sliding into weirdness for a while, is reportedly preparing to sue TSA for:

“Warrantless, non-suspicion-based offensive touching, gripping and rubbing of the genital and other sensitive areas of his body,” that meets “the definition for an unlawful sexual assault.”

Baker is a pussy, and Venture is not, and here's why.

If Stewart Baker touched my cock, I would lay his old fucking ass out. If Baker touched Ventura's cock, Baker's physical embodiment would resemble the worthless goo that is his soul. 

If any of the TSA officials touched me, I would fucking brutalize them. Thus, Baker and other cowards - lacking their own sense of manliness and toughness -  hide behind government authority. 

Telling Baker to keep their his off my cock doesn't make Ventura less tough than him. It just makes Ventura less creepy than Baker.

There's nothing tough about using the government to enact your homoerotic rape fantasies. There is, however, something rather creepy and unsettling about Stewart Baker and the folks at TSA who can't keep their hands off of Jesse Ventura's cock.