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The Rise of the New Independent Male

When a high school kid asked, "Do you believe in God," I cringed. "Oh fuck," I thought. "Be careful what you say, or one of these kids will make a passing remark at dinner - causing their no-good parents to ask why a boxing coach is teaching godlessness."

"Well," I answered, "I have my beliefs, and everyone else has their own beliefs. It's important to respect differences of opinion."

Joey laughed, knowing that I was being a bitch. "Have you seen the George Carlin video about God," Armen asked? I started laughing, as did the other dozen guys in the room.

None of them believed in God.


One of the most interesting political-culture movements isn't yet understood as a movement. I don't even understand it, and I am part of it. 

The Internet has created a new species of males. Men are natural information seekers, but for most of our lives, we were denied access to information. We were told what our religious and cultural brain washers told us. If our parents said it, it was true. If the news reporter, doctor, or teach said it, it was true.

We became part of the lies, because we were conditioned to obey and conform since birth. Our parents told us of the Eternal Damnation that would result if we ignored our Lord and Savior - a laughable superstition to a rational thinker, but a terrifying prospect for a small child.

We got married, had children, and worked ourselves to heart disease in shit jobs, because that's what "real men" do. We saw other men raped in divorce court, but by then we had become part of the lie.

Then came the Internet.


Most people lose their faith during college. Once a Christian talks to a Jew and Muslim, they all reach the same conclusion: "All religions are the same, and since all religions are the same, it cannot follow that any one of them has logical or moral authority over others."

Any religious parent will notice a change when a child comes home from college. Where there was once faith, there is doubt. Where there was once obedience, there is rebellion. Where there was once blind allegiance, there is defiance.

Yet it's hard to remain an atheist or political independent, since it requires undoing decades of brain washing. Moreover, most young men leave college for the work force - where old, bitter, beta males will have none of your tomfoolery. Henpecked at home, these pathetic excuses for men make oppressing young men their lifes' work.

Young men grew old. Their testosterone levels dropped, and they lacked a network of other men to turn to for wise advice. Before the Internet, that is.


Just as more men are becoming atheists, more are becoming political agnostics. We know that both the Wall Street Journal and New York Times are scam publications. We know that Democrats and Republicans are scoundrels and thieves, and do not speak for us.

What are the implications of this new reality?


I do not understand it. I do know that a representative sample of the movement blogs as Ferdinand Bardamu. In a very intelligent post, he writes of political armaggddon. I know that Roosh is a very smart guy, as is Roissy, and so too is The Futurist.

I know that the smartest men I read and talk to are disgusted by the two-party system. None of us buy into this bullshit system.

In every era, smart, educated, 30-something men changed culture. Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence when he was 31. Alexander Hamiltion wrote the Federalist Papers when he was 33. Thomas Paine published Common Sense in his late-30's.

The old grumps who today worship the Founding Fathers don't know their history. The Founding Fathers were not fathers: They were young men.

Most guys my age and younger are political nihilists, and I'm left wondering what the result will be.