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Arizona Legislator Not Immune From Misandry

An Arizona State Senator's girlfriend beat the shit out of him:

PHOENIX - Scott Bundgaard and his girlfriend, Aubry Ballard, got into such a heated argument that Bundgaard had to pull over to the side of a busy Arizona highway, prompting an off-duty officer to call the police....

Bundgaard spoke with KPHO about what happened Friday night; he had a black eye and a swollen lip, according to the station. 

When his girlfriend was arrested, what did the media report? 

Did the media note that women commit domestic violence as often as men? It's a statistical fact, Jane. Did the media report that although women are the primary abusers in domestic relationships, men are the ones arrested 95% in all domestic abuse cases, and that many police departments have a mandatory-arrest policy? That is, if a woman calls the cops to report domestic violence, the man must be arrested?

Nah. Here is the story:

Both Ballard and Bundgaard showed physical signs of an altercation but only Ballard ended up in jail.


Because Bundgaard happens to be an Arizona state legislator and is therefore immune from arrest while the Legislature is in session.

 That's one theory, and it's the preferred theory. After all, it makes a man look bad. Another theory is that Bundgaard was merely defending himself from a hellcat:

Upon leaving the event I was accused of inappropriately touching my dancing partner, in front of my parents and family mind you, and she proceeded to throw my clothes and other things out of my car on a freeway as I took her home. I stopped on the freeway to retrieve these items. As I was doing so my girlfriend yelled that she was going to take my car and moved into the driver’s seat. I immediately returned to the car and asked her to get out. She refused. I had no choice but to pull her from the driver’s seat which resulted in marks on her knees. I had also had no choice but to stop her from punching me and risking highway safety, all of which resulted in a black eye for me and a busted lip (photos available upon request). The authorities arrived as I tried to retrieve my belongings from the highway.

An Arizona state senator may be immune from arrest while the legislature is in session, but he is certainly not immune from misandry.

CBS, for example, didn't even call Bundgaard, asking for his side of the story. Instead, it ran with the misandrist angle, namely that a man cannot be the victim of domestic violence. CBS did, however, contact the hellcat, and it printed her statement in full:

"To go from putting on a beautiful dress for a great date to a fundraiser to ending up on the side of a freeway? I don't have another tear left to cry. I'm still trying to get my mind around a few things: Scott's actions, the 17 hours I spent in jail awaiting processing, my bruises, scrapes and soreness and his statements to the media," the statement reads.

Instead of focusing on her violent temper, she talks about her dresses and her tears and her bruises. Me, me, me, me, me. The only time she refuses to focus on herself is when asked to take personal responsibility for her crimes.

She has been taught by CBS and popular culture that men are evil, and to be mistrusted. As a man, you should return the favor, and view society as it views you.

What is a Beta Male?

Society has achieved a full inversion of values when this is a beta male

A beta male is frequently a male who is trying to be a man by doing the right thing: He works hard to learn the difficult trades demanded in the modern economy; he treats women with respect and deference, he is generally sober, he spends a lot of time trying to understand prevailing political and philosophical currents. As a result, he is very unlikely to be the seductive Prince Charming that today's young women have been brought up to expect as their birthright. 

My critics humorously assume that I am pro-alpha males. The opposite is true. Alpha males are parasites on society, and the desecration of traditional culture disturbs. Yet a man has to make a choice. Do you go through your 20's and 30's sexless and frustrated, or do you have unlimited sexual options?

Vivacious 20-something women have little interest in drudges, unattractive guys, late bloomers, short guys, introverted guys, etc. etc. As a result, roughly half of males can't get a decent date during their 20s. Hymowitz has read the work of the amateur evolutionary psychologists in the "seduction community" and appears to agree with roughly 80% of their findings: Young attractive women overwhelmingly seek alpha males. As a consequence, she writes, "beta" males have been the primary losers in the sexual revolution.

As a citizen and member of a national community, I wish there were more beta males. I am typing on a laptap that a beta male invented. My blog's software was created by a beta male. If I ever get cancer, a beta male will provide me life-saving drugs. (All medical research is beta, although some doctors are alpha.) Nearly everything awesome about civilization came from a beta male.

Nearly everything bad about society comes from alpha males. A Wall Street prick is an alpha male. How does a Goldman Sachs trader's sex life compare with a cancer researcher's? How does the average felon's sex life compare with a dutiful corporate employee's?

You can yell at me and call me an misogynist, and yet it's women who are the ones mistreating men. Women want assholes - if you disagree with me, then please Google revealed preferences -  and therefore I advise young me to give women what they so deeply want and richly deserve.

In good conscience, I could never advise a man to be a beta. Go to Wall Street, and steal, young men. Become assholes. Play video games, get drunk, and enjoy your 20's. Because otherwise, this is your prize:

Women in their 30s who are still unmarried (roughly half nowadays) often begin to get the urge to marry and settle down. But the pickings are slimmer. The women are somewhat less attractive, they have fewer years of fertility remaining and the remaining [alpha] men their own age are less interested. 

You see that especially among educated women. Julie Klausner was once a stunning red head. When she was young and beautiful, instead of settling down a quality man, she had sex with hundreds of "indie rockers, hipsters, trust funders, pornographers, and felons."

Now that none of those men want Klausner, like the fox who couldn't jump high enough for the sweet grapes, Klausner claims to be done with alpha males. Now she wants a beta male. Marry her, slave!

What man would marry a "reformed slut"? No alpha male, that's for sure. And the beta males who went dateless in their 20's are now somewhere between bitter and content. With full bank accounts and easy access to porn and escorts, why would those men settle for a frat-party reject

And why would any man risk this fate?

Roughly 70% of divorces are initiated by women - yet women get the kids almost every time. They also get child support. Once they have the kids and the money, it's a fairly easy matter to get a restraining order on a man who wants to see his kids. Obviously there are many deadbeat dads out there. But there are also many successful men who have been raked over the coals -- and it's the successful men that women are interested in.

It time for women to woman-up. Stop being insufferable nags. Stop denying men the right to visit their children. Stop filing for divorces in record numbers.

When women start womaning-up, men who are on strike will come to the table. Until then, the Male Union will continue supporting the strike, and will continue corrupting and educating the youth.


Misandry is the hatred of men, and the history of the word misandry is fascinating. Misandry shows up as a typo in my spell check program, and I've never heard a person use misandry in conversation - although misogyny is part of every college person's lexicon.

As you can see from this chart, misandry is a Western phenomena, with men in Canada experiencing more misandry than men in the United States. Defying unhelpful stereotypes, the average Frenchman faces fewer attacks against his masculinity than the average American.

Understanding this hateful phenomena is also growing. In 2004, few searched for information about the widespread hate of men. There is a misandry bubble.

Women who want to find a good man should educate themselves about their subconscious hatred of men and masculinity. A good start is an online pamphlet that puts Patrick Henry's "Common Sense" to shame. In "The Misandry Bubble," the Futurist explains why men are checking out of society, and refusing to get married and have children. No woman can understand her man unless she reads this important essay.

Wall Street Journal "Covers" the Man Strike

"In order to live, man must act; in order to act, he must make choices; in order to make choices, he must define a code of values; in order to define a code of values, he must know what he is and where he is – i.e. he must know his own nature (including his means of knowledge) and the nature of the universe in which he acts .... He cannot escape from this need; his only alternative is whether the philosophy guiding him is to be chosen by his mind or by chance." - Ayn Rand

The Wall Street Journal has published a propaganda piece designed to shame men into conforming to societal expectations of slavery. The article asks: "Where Have All The Good Men Gone?"

Today, most men in their 20s hang out in a novel sort of limbo, a hybrid state of semi-hormonal adolescence and responsible self-reliance. This "pre-adulthood" has much to recommend it, especially for the college-educated. But it's time to state what has become obvious to legions of frustrated young women: It doesn't bring out the best in men.

Note that the article dismisses female responsibility. Women in the article bitch, "We're tired of fucking losers!" OK, then...Why don't you stop fucking them? 

One aging woman/retired alpha male groupie is quoted favorably:

"We are sick of hooking up with guys," writes the comedian Julie Klausner, author of a touchingly funny 2010 book, "I Don't Care About Your Band: What I Learned from Indie Rockers, Trust Funders, Pornographers, Felons, Faux-Sensitive Hipsters and Other Guys I've Dated."

In her prime years of beauty, she dated a bunch of assholes, leaving her kind-hearted male peers dateless. Now, after being turned out and rejected by Mr. Big, she wants some nice guy to be the fifty-first cock inside of her. Any volunteers?

While she and author of Lori "Just Marry the Beta Males" Gottlieb may suggest that women settle, men like me are asking: Is your self-respect so low that you would marry someone that dozens of other men rejected?  

Women have been saying, for decades, that they don't need men.The Gypsie Genie listened, and gave women what they wished for. And an embarassing Wall Street Journal article isn't going to put the genie back in the bottle.

Read the comments, as the comments communicate what readers think. The male readership unanimously finds the article revolting. Philosophilcal themes appearing on sites like In Male FideThe Spearhead, Roissy, and Roosh are repeated. Men are choosing to think about their relationship with the world, and with women. 

If you think today's men are "bad," wait until the Roissysphere has gone mainstream.

Carl Jung on Rep. Christopher Lee and Chanel Dresses

When Representative Christopher Lee posted a shirtless picture of himself, the Two Minutes Hate was immediate. How dare a 46-year-old man take his shirt off?! Lots of guys who never look as good as Lee said, "He looks good for a 46-year old."

Meanwhile, the Wall Street Journal has an article about old, ugly women who wear $15,000 dresses to charity galas. This article has passed with little comment, and no properly directed disdain. When you examining the subconscious desires of the expensively-glad women, you realize they are no different than Chris Lee.  Gross

Why do women wear expensive outfits? They will talk of "art," and "high fashion," and yet those terms are conscious cloaks of subconscious desires. 

Women wear vibrant clothing for the same reason a pea cock has feathers, and for the same reason Christopher Lee took his shirt off. They want to be sexually desirable. 

Yet these old broads are ugly. Their skin is sun damaged, wrinkled, and saggy. Touching them would be like rubbing a steel wool over your body. No gowns will alter the reality of aging.

Although Lee and the old women share a psychological motivation, the women are spared our collective ire. Few are man enough to say, "What an embarrassment. As a woman's looks fade, she should develop strength of character, grace, and womanly wisdom. Instead of spending $15,000 on gowns, they should donate money to charity."

When an older man takes his shirt off, we are expected to attack him. Aren't Chris Lee and the WSJ's old women both pathological? Or if not pathological, do they not symbolize cultural decay?

Carl Jung answers, Yes, in his excellent essay on the stages of life:

Ageing people should know that their lives are not mounting and expanding, but that an inexorable inner process enforces the contraction of life. For a young person it is almost a sin, or at least a danger, to be too preoccupied with himself: but for the ageing person it is a duty and a necessity to devote serious attention to himself. After having lavished its light upon the world, the sun withdraws its rays in order to illuminate itself.

Instead of doing likewise, many old people prefer to be hypochondriacs, niggards, pedants, applauders of the past or else eternal adolescents—all lamentable substitutes for the illumination of the self, but inevitable consequences of the delusion that the second half of life must be governed by the principles of the first.

Jung also explains that a young person should never trust a vain old person:

In primitive tribes we observe that the old people are almost always the guardians of the mysteries and the laws, and it is in these that the cultural heritage of the tribe is expressed. How does the matter stand with us? Where is the wisdom of our old people, where are their precious secrets and their visions? For the most part our old people try to compete with the young. In the United States it is almost an ideal for a father to be the brother of his sons, and for the mother to be if possible the younger sister of her daughter.

If a young person wrote his memoirs, we would laugh. What is there to reflect upon? What deep wisdom does a young person offer? Aristotle said no person can properly understand ethics until his mid-30's. Until you've lived, you can't understand life.  Guardians of the Secret

Aristotle presumed that as people aged, they examined their lives. Instead of retreating to a life of quiet contemplation, old people get plastic surgery. They buy colorful Chanel dresses to disguise lusterless skin. Old people lack the consciousness to realize they aren't fooling anyone (if you look like you have Botox, then you look old enough to need Botox), and that the young people they copy and impress are laughing at them. 

As a petulant child would respond, old people answer with, "How dare you tell us how to live?! Fifty is the new thirty!" That is, of course, an appropriate answer. It is your life, and it is not my place to script it.

Yet when old people complain about the young, one can only respond: "Why should they revere you, a five-decade's old child? What wisdom and precious secrets did you learn on the way to the plastic surgeon's office?" 

Gourmet Protein Shake Recipe

Some days a man wants to get in touch with his inner Epicurean by indulging in the finer things. Generally we should mix our protein powder in water, stir it a few times, and call it an afternoon. What happens when you want to pamper yourself? Here is the perfect recipe.  Protein

  • 1 scoop protein powder (I use EvoPro, which is good but pricey);
  • 2-3 turns of a sea salt shaker;
  • 3-5 pops from the cinnamon container;
  • 8-12 oz. of almond milk;
  • 1 tablespoon 100% cocoa.

Mix dry ingredients together. (This is especially important with the cocoa, since pure cocoa is hydrophobic, and will float to the top of your liquid rather than merge with the other ingredients.) Add 6 ounces of almond milk. Stir vigorously with a butter knife, so you can scrape the dry powder from the sides and bottoms as you mix. As you're stirring, add the rest of the almond milk.

If you want to get really fancy, keep a couple of "ice glasses" in the freezer. I keep a couple of highball glasses, first rinsed in water, in the freezer at all times.

The shake is not only luxurious, but is also designed to improve cognition and increase testosterone.

Most people misunderstand cocoa. An American chocolate bar really doesn't have much cocoa, as cocoa is bitter. Americans like sweet food. (Fast food hamburgers and cheese contain corn syrup.) I eat 85% or higher cocoa content dark chocolate, but had to work my American palate up from 55%. Chocolate, like beer, is an acquired taste.

100% cocoa powder is the best. There are no added sugars. It's high in fiber, and contains contains more flavanols than red wine, green tea, or blueberries. Flavanols act as antioxidants in the body, and also increase blood flow. See e.g., "Cocoa flavanols improve vascular and blood pressure measures for coronary artery disease patients." Cocoa powder also increases feelings of well-being, and thus cocoa is a super food - that is, a food which has drug-like effects.

I use Navitas Naturals, which seems expensive. ($12 a bag?! Are you nuts?!) A bag should last you at least a month, as a little of this stuff goes a long way. I sometimes will cut 1 tablespoon of cocoa with 1 tablespoon of sugar-free hot cocoa mix. Add in some cinnamon and salt, and you have a delicious and healthy cup of hot cocoa that even kids will drink.

Almond milk is not cow's milk. It's made with almonds and water. Almonds are a source of dietary fat, and dietary fat is good for men, as it increases testosterone. Monounsaturated fats are also good for the heart and brain.

Blue Diamond Almond Breeze Milk (unsweetened) has Vitamin E. Vitamin E encourages blood flow through your capillary system, and a "side effect" of drinking almond milk is magnificent erections. Intelligent doctors recommend that guys with Erectile Dysfunction supplement with Vitamin E before prescribing Viagra. If you drink a lot of almond milk with cocoa, you can sometimes get uncomfortable erections, as the penile skin stretches from the engorgement of blood.

Almond milk is currently on sale at Whole Foods for $2/quart. Amazon sometimes has good case specials.

If you eat cleanly and sweat a lot when you exercise, you're actually going to be deficient in salt. Salt is delicious, too. I add salt to most of my protein shakes. Costco sells good sea salt.

Cinnamon is an antioxidant, helps regulate blood sugar, and is also most delicious. Add it whenever possible.