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Beta Gets Beat Down

The Spearhead, although ostensibly not its mission, collects examples of beta males in action - if one can ever properly use the word action in the same sentece as beta. A recent story illustrations how domestic violence laws are applied to beta males:

Jeffrey Kodlowski, of Westland Michigan, and his wife had a dispute over whether she was having an affair, during which Mr. Kodlowski took and hid their cell phone so he could look at the numbers later. Naturally, the wife was angry about this, so she started calling the police.

His wife wanted to leave, but Kodlowski wouldn't give her the phone. Since Kodlowski paid the whore's phone bill, he had a legal right to possess the phone. Thus, police couldn't arrest him for theft. Yet as regular readers know, the law doesn't apply to the police:

Goaded on by his wife, police escalated the situation until they could find an excuse to attack him, one saying “try and make me leave your house!” but all they had was that he accidentally brushed one officer’s sleeve while pointing to where his wallet was. Apparently, that was enough. After the touching incident, right at around 6 minutes, the cop says “You know what? Take him. Fuck him.” After that they hit him and take him down, splitting open his scalp.

You can hear the audio and see a picture of the beat down here.

There are a lot of legal angles the story presents, but I've blogged about law for almost a decade. Police beat people up. If you want to avoid a beat down, turn over the phone. If you think a phone is worth a beat down, then stand up for yourself. Take it.

There are some things worth getting a police club to the head for, and any man would wouldn't accept a beat down for the right cause cannot call himself a man. Is the phone of a cheating whore worth a beat down? Not to me.

Here is how an alpha male would have handled the suspected cheating. After the wife demand the phone, he would have said, "Take your phone, you miserable cunt. Get the fuck out of my house. Don't try to tell me you weren't cheating, because fuck all that noise. Later." 

That's it. There's nothing to discuss, because everything a cheating whore says will be a lie. Why listen? Send her on her way, and mourn not her loss. After all, finding a cheating whore is pretty easy thing to do these days.

Not only would Kodlowski have avoided a scar on his head, he would have won the mind game. Hell, maybe his wife would have regretted cheating. "I never knew you had manliness in you, and now I want your manliness in me!"

Instead, Kodlowski behaved as a beta would. He got emotional. He threw a fit. He had to keep the phone, because how else could he be certain his wife was cheating? 

Although the Spearhead whines about the injustice of it, nothing they've said changes the dynamic. Kodlowski is still a beta, and his betaness is the source of his problems. Instead of demanding that the system reform, demand that the Kodlowski's of the world stop being such pathethic bitches.