Spot the Criminal
Anger or Intensity?

What a Statutory Rape "Victim" Looks Like

Lawrency Taylor is a lifetime registered sex offender, as he had sex with an underage girl. The prostitute was only 16 when they had sex, which was below the agent of consent in New York. A picture of the girl has surfaced, and it should give every man pause. Can you tell she's only 17?

Sex Offender

There are many good reasons not to have sex with prostitutes, and there are many more good reasons not to have sex with young-looking girls. "She looked 18" really doesn't cut it as an excuse by a 50-year-old man who had sex with a young girl.

Just follow this simple formula for creepiness-free relationships: Divide by two, and add seven. Under this formula, a 30-year-old man shouldn't be dating girls younger than 22. (Which is still scary, given that the girl looks at least 23.)

Taylor was 52 when he had sex with the girl, and thus should have limited himself to 33-year-old women. He broke the mathematical law of gender relations, and faced peril as a result. 

Creep factor aside, being a registered sex offender is a game-ender for non-celebrities. It's impossible to find a job, and many cities prevent you from living within 1,000 feet of any school - which even in a large city like San Francisco means only a few seedy blocks. 

Should a man's life be ruined - forever - because he had sex with a girl who looked much older than she really was, and who offered herself for sale?