Getting a Job Verses Being a Job
Prince William and Proverbs 21:9

Henry Blodget, Man Crush, Interviewed at the Business Insider

It'd be a stretch to claim that Henry Blodget lost everything. He did, however, lost much of his net worth. He lost his career. He lost his reputation. He went from earning several millions dollars a year to...nothing. He even lost his professional license.

Most people would sit around depressed. Yet Blodget came back. He started a successful media company - my go-to site for news and randomness, Business Insider

In this lengthy interview, he talks about his rise and fall. It's well worth watching, as it provides perspective. One way Blodget coped with his downfall was by getting outside of himself. He studied people who had real problems, and this helped him stop feeling sorry for himself, and to start growing: