"The Corner Office: Indispensable and Unexpected Lessons From CEOs" is a Fraud

Irony Alert

If you tell people to think outside of the box, then you're inside the box.

A comment to Keith Lee's post about CEO's reminded me of my favorite irony - the unintended variety:

Wonderful. Tnx for the heads-up. I shall check it out. Singing from the same hymn sheet as The Naked Lawyer eBook. Passion + curiosity + enthusiasm + energy is a winning formula. Differentiation also comes from being authentic, carving a niche and a personal brand. N’est ce pas?…

How many canned devices did that drone use? Let's count them:

  • Cutesy text message/teenage girl speak: 1 ("Tnx");
  • Pretentious diction: 1 ("shall" instead of "will");
  • Addition signs to create pseudo-mathematical winning formula: 3 ("Passion + curiosity + enthusiasm + energy is a winning formula");
  • Cliches: 4 ("differentiation," "being authentic," "carving a niche," "personal brand");
  • Pseudo-sophistication/French language reference: 1 ("N'est ce pas").

Does s/he realize that using clichés doesn't make you different - or as the morons say, provide differentiation? Is differentiation a bon mot? Of course s/he doesn't. S/he is just like every other fucking loser claiming to be an entrepreneur.

Entrepreneur is not a self-referencing concept. Entrepreneurs own businesses. If you don't actually own businesses that earn a profit, then you're a poser.

"Pick up artists" regularly introduce themselves as Internet entrepreneurs. Sergey Brin introduces himself as CEO. See the difference?

Which reminds me of some handy life advice: If someone ever introduces himself or herself as an entrepreneur, run, don't walk, outside of the box.