Irony Alert
Getting a Job Verses Being a Job


"Reawaken Your Rhomboids." Two years ago my best friend was visiting. While at a bar, he asked, "Have you gotten shorter?" I looked at the bar mirror, and noticed I looked shorter than my equally-tall friend. My posture had degraded due to working at a desk. I started working on my rhomboids and using the foam roller, and regained my full stature. 

I foam roll religiously, won't travel without one, and am going to do a post on how important foam rolling is for professionals. Here's the foam roller I currently use. The Rumble Roller is awesome, but a bit psychotic. Most of you should start off with this one.

Woman who lies about disability is awarded $400 in montly alimony rather than sent to prison.

The latest witch hunt. As with the online poker prosecutions, one wonders if the Department of [in]Justice is being supervised by adults. Is there really nothing better to focus on than drugs in sports?

Quote of the day: "The characteristic feature of the loser is to bemoan, in general terms, mankind's flaws, biases, contradictions, and irrationality—without exploiting them for fun and profit." - Nassim Nicholas Taleb.

"Keeping Us Safe From Poker." The United States Department of [in]Justice "has now charged more people for running poker sites...than for causing the financial collapse."

Huge book sale in San Francisco - 250,000 books at $3 each. Stock up.

The Last Psychiatrist reviews Limitless at his sister blog, Partial Objects. Since TLP drinks too much, he probably has low testosterone. For a man, testosterone is the Limitless drug.

Londoners are learning about the parasitic nature of Islam. People are learning the hard way that  Muslims are not going to tolerate us because we tolerate them. There is no reciprocity with a parasite. VoxDay has more on the Muslim threat to Western Civilization.

Sitting at a desk is fatal. Get a standing desk, or walk often. Or both.

Shocking tax facts.

The Japan tsunami: