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Links: Man is a Social Animal

"Man is a social animal. He who does not require the fellowship of others is either a beast or a god." - Aristotle.

Blue collar jobs are hell on the body, but they do offer some benefits:

Because success in a white-collar office is essentially a matter of public relations, professional life has an unfortunate tendency to whitewash one’s personality and homogenize one’s lifestyle. In my office, if an ambitious professional hopes to rise up the ranks, he must set about grooming his image to appeal to his superiors and clients. He must partake of appropriate hobbies, espouse acceptable political positions, and generally refrain from conduct that might mark him in any way as unconventional

I could double my income overnight if I stopped blogging. People really are so lame that they find this blog "controversial" and "offensive." In blue collar jobs, no one would even blink at anything appearing here. White collar people truly are lame, I hate them, and I am glad when bad things happen to them.

Speaking of white pricks, liberals in Silicon Valley are opposed to high-speed rail - when it's in their neighborhoods, anyway:

They are fighting the high speed train in court, claiming the plans for an elevated track running through their towns would be an eye sore leading to a drop in property value. 

These are the same people who praise diversity while living in all-white neighborhoods, talk about fuel economy and greenhouse gasses while taking multiple European vacations, and praise public schools while sending their own kids to private ones. In other words, they are the same pricks a white collar professional has to impress. (Some things just aren't worth it.)

"You are the average of your five closet friends." - Some self-help guy.

Your friends will make you better or worse, and this means thinner or fatter:

Scientists Nicholas Christakis and James Fowler examined 32 years of data collected during a study of people's hearts in the town of Framingham in Massachusetts.

The pair discovered that where two people who are friends for a long time, and where one is heavier than the other, the thinner friend tended to increase in weight by up to 57 per cent over time. 

Fat people always want to eat shit food, and they are always asking me why I'm on a diet. I'm on a diet so I don't look like I need to be...Is it really that hard to understand? Yet when I'm with my friends getting wasted on a Friday, I expect them to hit the gym with me on a Saturday. 

The single best thing most of us can do is cut out the miserable losers out of our lives. If they aren't raising my average, they are gone. (And similarly, I must always seek to raise my own friends' averages.)

The wedding industry is an 80-billion-dollar one. The average wedding costs $25,000, and people spend that even though 50% of marriages end in divorce. Getting married is easy, staying married is hard. Instead of spending money on a wedding, invest in a college fund for your progeny. 

This guy would be fun to hang with: