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Banks regularly launder money for drug cartels. When Wachovia (now owned by Wells Fargo) laundered $400 billion in drug money, federal prosecutor Jeffrey Sloman communicated to the world, "When I leave the Departmnet of Justice, I want to have Wells Fargo as a client. Thus, I am not going to prosecute any of the bankers who banked their bonuses with blood money. Instead, I will force the bank's shareholders to give back 1% of its money-laundering-related profits."

"Life in the Cubicle Village."

Think your job is tough?

Joseph Rakofsky's fraud and incompetence raises a serious question of legal ethics. Shouldn't someone so incompetent be suspended from the practice of law? Why does the State Bar focus on client trust account issues to the exclusion of lawyer competence? Far more lawyers ruin clients' lives through incomptence than theft. Yet the Bar doesn't seem to care if lawyers are actually, well, lawyers.

Speaking of Joseph Rakofsky: He tried his first murder case. He was so incompetent that the trial court ordered a mistrial. In other words, the client was deprived of his constitutional right to a fair trial due to attorney incompetence. Joseph Rakofsky posted to his Facebook profile, "Mistrial," implying that it was his skill rather than incompetence that lead to the mistrial. Here's a screen capture of the little snake.

Mistrial due to incompetence




Republicans support welfare - corporate welfare, anyway. The problem with Republicans (and Democrats) is you. You'll all say, "I hate the two-party system." Yet an audit of your voting would reveal loyalty to one party. If you hate the system, why not vote for a third party candidate? Of course you can't vote for a third party because then the other party (lesser of two evils, or something, you'll say) would win. Yet when the other side does win, you say, "Nothing changes. They are all the same." If that is true, then your party loyalty is illogical to the point of retardation.

Snakes in Suits is a book about "when psychopaths go to work." Here's a Harvard Business School fashion show. Can you spot the snakes? (Hint: They all are.)