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Prince William and Proverbs 21:9

Better to live on a corner of the roof than share a house with a quarrelsome wife.

When I toss around terms like alpha and beta, guys invariable get bitchy. "Those are zoological terms, Mike!" I also often here, "You can't use those terms because status is so complicated!" Yeah, you all are so fucking smart that I can't handle it.

It never occurred to me that alpha and beta are heuristics. Thanks so much. Yet an amusing news story reveals how useful the heuristics are.

Prince William is going to be a king. What does that matter, though, when he's marrying a manish cunt?

After a final rehearsal at Westminster Abbey, Kate Middleton arrived this evening at the Goring Hotel, where her family are staying ahead of her marriage to Prince William tomorrow.

The practice took place as it was revealed Miss Middleton will not promise to 'obey' Prince William in her vows.

(Via Roissy.) First of all, she's a 6. Why is a prince marrying a 6? Clearly his game is as weak as his hairline. Second, she gets to be a queen, which means, by definition, he's the king. As Willie D of the Geto Boys put it: "I treat a bitch like a queen, But she's got to realize I'm the goddamn king."

Yet before even getting married, William has abdicated the throne. His life is going to suck, even though he has riches and status none of us can comprehend. And so there's a lesson here.

What matters most in life? As old Jews were writing about millenia ago, it isn't money or big houses or even a kingdom. It's a legit girl who is cool, likes having sex, and doesn't nag.

Prince William is a court jester, but you need not be. Watch him. Now do exactly the opposite.