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Free Sexual Assault Focus Group

Business Insider has a very conservative, male readership. If you want to know why you do not ever want a conservative male on your sexual assault juries, read the comments to this post. Also note which posts are receiving "up" and "down" votes. 

The research on jury selection and rape cases is pretty unequivocal: Male jurors are the worst. This is for two reasons. First, conservative males have strict morals and daughters. They will judge the male defendant harshly. Indeed, conservative males - and dads in general - are pretty fucking creepy.

Conservative men view themselves as the keepers of their daughters vagina. "I can't imagine a man having sex with my daughter," they steadfastly say. "Why would you imagine that," I wonder. 

It really is amzing how immature grown men are about sexuality. Yes, your daughters will have sex. They will even like it. Good for them. Why should they be denied sex when you yourselves spent so much time pursuing it? And why do you think so much about your daughters' sex lives? Was Freud right? 

Second, younger males will prove that they would never rape someone by punishing the male defendant. Generally people with the lowest morals are the fasted to prove to everyone how moral they are - by punishing others. The guy putting on the judicial robe is trying to hide his own skeletons. 

Catholic women are the best jurors, and liberal women are pretty good jurors, too. Catholic women often believe in the Just World Theory. Under the Just World Theory, everything happens because of a cause. These women wonder, "What did the woman do to cause the event?" 

Liberal women in general are more creative and sexually free. Most "date rape" cases involve, "I got drunk and had sex, and now feel like a slut." Liberal women will say, "You shouldn't feel like a slut, as sex is great" and thus are more likely to recognize that no rape occurred. 

Male jurors - and especially male conservatives - are bad news.