Joseph Rakofsky's Love Song (All the Single Ladies)
Did Richard Borzouye and Joseph Rakofsky Commit Fraud in a Court Filing?

A Trial Court Weighs in on Joseph Rakofsky's "Competence"

Josephy Rakofsky has sued me and several others for calling him incompetent. It's thus worth noting what the trial judge who oversaw his murder trial said of Rakofsky: 

It appeared to the Court that were were theories out there - defense theories out there, but the inbility to execute those theories. It was apparent to the Court that there was not a good grasp of legal principles and legal procedure of what was admissible and what was not admissilbe that iured, I think, to the detriment of [Rakofsky's client]. And had there been - If there had been a conviction in this case, based on what I had seen so far, I would have granted a motion for a new trial under 23.110.

I would find that there are based on my observation of the conduct of the trial manifest necessity. I believe that the performance was below what any reasonable person could expect in a murder trial.

As I said, it became readily apparent that the performance was not up to par under any reasonale standard of competence under the Sixth Amendment.

See you in court, Joe. And make no mistake, my friend, the case will not end once your frivolous lawsuit has been dimissed. The case will not end when you and your lawyer have been sanctioned and humiliated.

After your frivolous lawsuit against me is dismissed, I am going to sue you for malicious prosecution. I am going to attach leins to your property. I will reach into your bank accounts. I will fight to open any trust funds you have. If you are living in a lavish apartment, I am going to depose you to determine whether your parents are fraudulently conveying assets to you - assets I am entitled to.

It's wrong to say I am going to do any of this, Joe. You are doing this to yourself, and our relationship has only begun.