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Rakofsky Tries Settling Frivolous Lawsuit for Nuisance Value

In a motion for sanctions, it's revealed that Joseph Rakofsky has already tried extorting $5,000 out of the people he's sued:

Mr. Doudna, Earlier this month, I proposed to certain defendants that we entertain discussions of possible settlement. My proposal was that each of the defendants pay a nominal sum of $5,000 in full and complete settlement of the claims asserted against them in my Amended Complaint and refrain from making any further publications that in any way relate to me or my law firm. My offer presumed that each of the defendants who wished to accept my offer and I and my law firm would exchange general releases. I made the offer to be accepted by any defendant who wished to do so within 7 days. Even though you have thus far failed to make an appearance or to come forward, I will extend to you the same offer. Thank you.

Yours truly, Joseph Rakofsky

What's interesting about this shakedown attempt is that the person he seeks the money from - like me and dozens of other defendants - doesn't live, work, or have any business in New York. Thus, New York's long-arm statute doesn't apply to us. 

Rakofsky has dug himself into a deep hole in record time. He might be the worst lawyer who ever practiced law.