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Hugo Schwyzer: Alpha of the Century

For years I've followed the work of Hugo Schwyzer, and man is he a piece of work. Many guys hate Schwyzer, because Schwyzer is a feminist. I have long had a man-crush of Schwyzer, as he can do what I am incapable of doing. 

I am able to hurt people, but only once they've hurt me. I do not throw the first punch, but I throw the hardest ones. I'm simply physiologically incapable of exploiting others. I have turned down sex with girls because I knew they'd love me, and I didn't want to hurt them. Gross and beta, right?

Hugo, however, is the man. He had sex with his students:

In the fall of 1996, I was 29. Three years into my teaching career, my reputation as an energetic lecturer was quickly being eclipsed by rumors of my sleeping with students. Most of the rumors were true. I was reckless to the point of stupidity, showing little interest in protecting the job I loved. I was trying to get sober and failing. I stashed drugs in the same file cabinets that held student papers, gave lectures with booze in my bloodstream. I had sex with students on my office desk.

Ballin'. Now, I will use my status if it impresses women - out in the streets. I wouldn't have sex with students or women I supervise, since a student is a subordinate. The power relationship is fucked up. You simply do not fuck your students. Or at least I don't. Then again, we've already established that I'm weak.

Speaking of weak, do you know what I tell women about marriage? I tell them that marriage is a sham, human beings fall out of love after 2.5-4 years, and that while they should enjoy their time with me, they should also be looking for a marriage-minded beta male who will take care of and support them. The truth has cost me a lot of sex. 

Hugo, on the other hand, is on his fourth marriage. He has stood up on the altar with four different women, promising each of them a lifetime of devotion. And the guy is only in his mid-40's. I will also wager, although he hasn't written about this much, that each of those women supported him.

He has admitted to being a drug user and "dead beat," so it's highly unlikely he paid his own bills. He thus had women writing checks for him. Awesome!

Yet we recently learned more about Hugo's alpha swagger. Hugo had unprotected sex with a woman. He dumped huge loads of cum into her. When she got pregnant, what did he do?

Did he offer to support his potential child, perhaps by writing checks for child support? Did he offer the child emotional support? Hahahaha! No. He's an alpha.

He let some other man raise his potential child. He then walked away.

Hugo Schwyzer, you are the Alpha Male of the Century. Congratulations.