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I have been saying for years, guys, that you simply must record your sexual exploits. Women will falsely accuse you of rape, and having sex without a video is more dangerous than have sex without a condom:

The attorney for a San Francisco lawyer accused of sexually assaulting women who responded to his ads for rough sex dropped a bombshell in court Wednesday: a videotape of one accuser that he says contradicts her claims the sex was nonconsensual.

Robert Michael Hoffman, 51, has been in custody since Aug. 5, after three women told police he raped or sexually assaulted them in his apartment after they responded to his online personals.

Attorney Stuart Hanlon says the women consented to the encounters. And after one woman, age 19, testified Wednesday at Hoffman’s preliminary hearing, Hanlon told a judge that he will provide a videotape of their encounters.

“This witness lied blatantly about what occurred,” Hanlon later said.

It's a dangerous world out there for young men. Your odds of being falsely accused of rape are far greater than the odds that a woman will actually be raped. Conduct yourselves accordingly.