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Thinking, Fast and Slow

Time or Money?

From an unlikely speaker, who spent so much of his time being a tyrant: 

But another way to look at life  is to look at it as  a great  shopping mall, not the usual  kind, where  goods  are  purchased  with money,  but  one where such  things  as  worldly  success,  love  of music, enjoyment  of painting, a  six handicap  golf  game,  a  close  relationship  with  your  daughter,  and  many other  similar things  are  also  for sale.  But the commodity  with which  they are purchased  is not money but is time.  And quite  contrary to the way the capitalist  system  works  with  money  and  goods,  every  one  of  us  is  given exactly  the  same  amount  of time in  each  hour,  in  each  day,  and  in  each year.  It is a limited  amount, and it is  impossible  for anyone to be  so  rich in "time"  that he can enjoy every single one of the things which time  may buy. So  there is  a  choice  to  be made, just  as in  purchasing  goods with  money, although the choice  in the one case is far less obvious than the choice in the other.