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Lori Palmieri: A Lawyer Without Any Fight in Her

If you went by Lori Palmieri's website advertising her wares as a criminal defense lawyer, you'd think Michael Lewis was describing her when he wrote about Big Swinging Dicks.

Palmieri's website depicts a ghostly, almost intimidating figure with chilly blue eyes. Fans of Blood Meridian can only imagine her as a Judge Holden figure. Badges orbit around her head, as if caught in the gravitational field of her awesomeness. 

Palmieri revealed that she is no fighter. She is a coward whose career mattered only when she was able to hide behind the shields of her office. With a "badge and gun," she was somebody. Stripped of official symbols of authority, she is a worm.

When Joseph Rakofsky sued her for speaking out against incompetent lawyers, what did Palmieri do? Did she insist that, as a Florida lawyer, she could be not sued in New York? (Long-arm statutes, how do they work?) Did she insist that she would fight when attacked, just as she would claim to fight for her clients?

No. She knelt down on her knees, and gave Rakofsky a virtual blow job. The text is so revolting that I shall not reprint it here. Her stench can be smelled on every coast. I link to it only as a case study in lawyer cowardice.

As with Martha Perry, Lori Palmieri did not disclose that she had settled her lawsuit with Rakofsky. Thus, her post was almost certainly required as part of a settlement agreement. (Whether Palmieri paid the $5,000 Rakofsky demanded of other defendants also isn't disclosed.)

Choosing a Tampa criminal defense lawyer is serious business. I for one would never hire a lawyer who, at the first sign of a fight, takes her knees and grovels.