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The Great Courses Meets Trial Law

Trails of Evidence: How Forensic Sciene Works. Thirty-six, thirty-minute lectures covering such fascinating subjects as:

  • Using Science—Crime Scene to Courtroom
  • Crime Scenes and Forensic Evidence
  • Fingerprint Science—Hands-Down ID
  • Telltale Marks—Tools, Guns, and Ammunition
  • Forensic Analysis of Vehicle Accidents
  • Fire Science and Explosion Forensics
  • Blood Evidence—Stains and Spatters
  • The Science of Death

Who can say no to the science of death?

Although I haven't watched this course, my experience with The Great Courses has been nothing short of outstanding. (My only beef with TGC is that they don't have an affiliate agreement. I've sent them quite a few customers.) Every course goes on sale for 70% off, and this one is current going for $99.95.

(RetailMeNot always has the latest coupon codes up, so if you're going to order the course, save yourself a few bucks.)

Other courses that are on sale and that I've recently finished and that are amazing:

Happy learning.



A Few Random Observations About Aging

I know a lot of rich middle-aged men who feel shit. I tell them that a weekly injection of testosterone would alter their lives - $250/month to feel great. They look at me sideways.

Meanwhile, the broke dick "meat head" at the gym who can barely pay his rent feels great and has lots of energy, has a high sex drive, and is often fucking the wives of the guys who allow aging to take its toll on their bodies. Knowledge is often better than money.

Anyone over 40 should ask his doctor this simple question: "Is aging a natural biological process that we should learn deal with gracefully, or is it an illness that should be aggressively treated?" Doctors who believe it's the latter provide proper medical treatment. Doctors who believe it's the former are indistinguishable from shamans and moralists.

Much of what we all "modern medicine" actually moralism. Consider this: If I want to take estrogen and progosterone to turn myself into a woman -  a rather radical form of "hormone replacement therapy," to understate the matter - a doctor will help me. If I want to take testosterone to feel more like a man, a doctor will turn me away. 

It's been proven that a man can remain on low-dose exogenous testosterone indefinitely. Why don't doctors readily prescribe testosterone? Again, doctors have no issues with allowing me to modulate my hormones to turn myself into a woman. What is the problem with allowing me to modulate my hormones to make myself more masculine? Again, the answer is found in morality (too much testosterone is bad) and superstition (aging is natural, deal with it).

So many hippies think it's cool to say, "Legalize marijuana," and yet you don't want to legalize steriods. That, too, is a moral judgment based on the presupposition that relaxation/getting stoned is superior to intensity/anger. 

Have you ever heard the word nootropics? Probably not, even though most of you are "knowledge professionals." There are over-the-counter substances that are proven to enhance memory and cognition. Ask you doctor about nootropics. I'll wager he'll have no idea what you're talking about.

Speaking of all the above and aging: As I've gotten older - though I'm still a kid to most readers - something really great has happened to me. I wish it had happened to me years ago.

I'm no longer interested in persuading people to accept my point of view. If some idiot says tesosterone is dangeorus, I don't even care. You're either smart enough to "get it," in which case we can talk, or you're shunned. 

Being able to go your own way - and to send another person on his or her own way - may not be the result of aging per se. But it took me a few years on Earth to really live that ideal.

Probably my newfound attitude comes from over a decade of watching people work their asses off to provide for their families, end up feeling like shit from working and overeating, getting shitted on by their wives, getting cheated on, geting raped in divorce court, crying over women, begging to see their kids, staying in shitty marriages out of fear that they can't do better, and just being a ball of misery and stress.

When I was young, middle-aged guys shit all over my ideas. Teachers, doctors, lawyers, peers, colleagues - every motherfucker had an opinion. I used to want them to see that I was right. The better part of me wanted to persuade them to help them.

I've seen what's happened to all those guys who shit on me. Let's just say I'm not jealous. 

I may be the idiot or asshole or misogynist, but I'm not crying into my pillow at night or going to bed wondering if my wife is going to fuck me.

Instead of kneeling before some woman, I bow down and drink from the fountain of knowledge. The truth is no secret. A dehydrated person vomits when he drinks too much water, and so the sick are too afraid of taking the first drink. 

As I grow older and look at the bodies stacked under and around me, I ask of you and your fear: What the fuck do you have to lose?