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Rich Gaspari, Myofusion, Marc Lobliner, and Amino Spiking Lawsuits

UPDATE: Marc Lobliner and I had a long talk about this issue. Marc is a good guy and my issue is with Gaspari, not Marc.

Marc Lobliner is a supplement company ownder and he is the Chief Marketing Officer of Tiger Fitness Nutrition. Lobliner was one of the first supplement company owners to call out the practice of amino spiking protein powders. Amino spiking is the practice of adding cheap amino acids into protein powder and then falsely claiming on the label that the protein powder contains more grams of protein than it actually contains.

For calling out amino spiking, Lobliner earned a tremendous amount of goodwill. Forgetting Warren Buffet's warning, "It takes 20 years to build a reputation and 5 minutes to destroy it," Lobliner has now partnered with Rich Gaspari, a supplement company owner notorious for the practice of amino spiking his signature protein, Myofusion Elite Protein.

What is amino spiking and what does that have to do with Marc Lobliner and his good friend Rich Gaspari?

Several lawsuit have been filed against various protein powder manufacuters for adding cheap amino acids like taurine and glycine to their protein powders. I am currently researching a lawsuit against Rich Gaspari and Gaspari Nuturition, as I purchased Gaspari Myofusion under the belief that it contained the amount of protein listed on the front of the container.

For some reason, Marc Lobliner is now heavily marketing Rich Gaspari's products. Lobliner is using his popular YouTube channel to rehabiliate Gaspari's reputation.

Rich Gaspari has never apologized for amino spiking Myofusion Elite Protein. He has never given me a refund, even though I used Gaspari Myofusion protein for several years. In fact, I have two jugs of amino spiked protein sitting on my kitchen counter.

Lobliner claims that no one should care about Gaspari's past, telling me, "I care about NOW." I care about NOW too, Marc. Right now I have jugs of amino spiked Gaspari Myofusion protein sitting on my counter. Right NOW I have emptier pockets because Rich Gaspari tricked me into giving him  my money

As a licensed attorney in California, I believe it's my duty to call out fraud when I see it. I believe that Gaspari committed labelling fraud when he marketed his protein as containing 25 grams of protein, as taurine, glycine, and other amino acids are not protein and should not be counted as part of the claimed protein content of Myofusion Elite Protein.