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Randi Harper posts on Twitter and elsewhere online as "FreeBSDGirl." About a month or so ago, Ms. Harper made some false accusations against me. She claimed I was harassing or threatening her. I had never heard of the pretty young lady.

I thus hired a private investigator to begin looking into Randi Harper's alleged criminal background. After all, one must be careful these days and know who they are dealing with. Making false threats against me evidences instability. I have to be able to defend myself vigorously against any and all accusations.

 This is becoming a bit of a hassle. However, in this day an age, a woman's false word can get a man sent to prison. A man who is falsely accused of immoral or illegal behavior needs to hire a private investigator or otherwise find out who is lying about him.

According to a website called Encyclopedia Dramatica, Randi Harper (NSFW) has a criminal record.

I decided to look into the allegations against Mr. Harper., a website that posts public arrest records confirms that Randi Harper has been in jail. 

Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 11.19.14 PM


(Is this Randi Harper's mug shot? Yes, it is!)

Randi Harper

The alleged mug shot seems consistent with mug shots I have seen. In this picture, Ms. Harper is wearing clothing similar to what inmates in jail wear. She also looks very unhappy in the picture. I am still awaiting confirmation.

When I mentioned my investigation into Ms. Harper, bringing up her alleged arrest record, she freaked out.

According to a story appearing in the newspaper The Citizen (here), a "Randi Lee Harper" was arrested in Fayette County, Georgia for failure to appear in court. What was the underlying charge that this "Randi Lee Harper" failed to appear in court to face?

There have been rumors that Ms. Harper has been involved in drug use. I have been unable to confirm those humors, however, and will give Ms. Harper the benefit of the doubt in the meantime.

I was unable to confirm whether that "Randi Lee Harper" mentioned in the story was FreeBSDGirl. Her reaction suggests that indeed it was the same Randi Haper.

Otherwise, why would she have been so upset to learn I am asking questions and looking into her background?

Randi Harper formed an Internet hate mob in an effort to ban me from Twitter. 

What did I do to offend Randi Harper? According to her: "He's posting legal information online in an attempt to intimidate and harass people."

Although my intent was not to harass Ms. Harper, I have to wonder if she did not indeed confirm she has an arrest record. Otherwise, why would she be so upset? 

My investigation is ongoing. If you have any relevant information or links, please post them in the comments below.

UPDATE: In response to my commentary about her, Randi Harper has falsely accused me of making rape threats against her. This is clearly an unstable woman. Deal with her at your own peril.

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